The Washington Mystics (logo at right) notched a 3rd win, making their record 3-11 now and leaving the Tulsa Shock as the only WNBA team with just 2 wins so far this season. The Connecticut Sun retain their lead in the Eastern Conference standings and in the Western Conference the defending champion Minnesota Lynx retain the top spot, followed by the San Antonio Silver Stars.

For updated scores and the latest standings keep checking back here at Balladeer’s Blog.

JULY 8TH – San Antonio Silver Stars (11-5) win their 7th in a row, defeating the (H) New York Liberty (6-10) by a score of 94-81   ***   Tulsa Shock (3-13) over the (A) Washington Mystics (3-12)  78-62

JULY 7TH – Indiana Fever (9-6) squeak by the (A) Chicago Sky (8-7)  88-86   ***   Connecticut Sun (12-4) UPSET the (H) Minnesota Lynx (13-4)  86-80   ***   Atlanta Dream (8-8) over the (H) Phoenix Mercury (4-12)  100-93   ***   Los Angles Sparks (12-6) demolish the (A) Seattle Storm (7-9)  83-59  

JULY 6TH – San Antonio Silver Stars (10-5) win their 6th in a row, this time over the (H) Washington Mystics (3-11)  78-73   ***   Connecticut Sun (11-4) over the (H) Tulsa Shock  (2-13)  86-75   ***   New York Liberty (6-9) over the (H) Chicago Sky (8-6)  64-59   

JULY 5TH – Los Angeles Sparks (11-6) over the (A) Minnesota Lynx (13-3)  96-90   ***   San Antonio Silver Stars (9-5) over the (H) Indiana Fever (8-6)  88-72 (Silver Stars trailed 28-47 at halftime. Have now won 5 in a row)   

WESTERN CONFERENCE – 1. Minnesota Lynx   2. San Antonio Silver Stars   3. Los Angeles Sparks   4. Seattle Storm   5. Phoenix Mercury   6. Tulsa Shock

EASTERN CONFERENCE – 1. Connecticut Sun   2. Indiana Fever   3. Chicago Sky   4. Atlanta Dream   5. New York Liberty   6. Washington Mystics



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90 responses to “WNBA RESULTS FOR JULY 5TH TO 8TH

  1. The Lynx need to watch themselves! That’s 2 losses in a row!

  2. Wonderful to see the WNBA is still around! Go San Antonio! 5 in a row! woot woot

  3. Wow, I didn’t know the wnba still played either.

  4. Excellent! You go guy in covering the WNBA!

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  6. So kewl to see the WNBA is still playing!

  7. Wow! This league is still around?

  8. I think the Silver Stars and Lynx will play for the Western Conference title.

  9. Atlanta will make its move soon and take the title for the east again!

  10. Never knew this league was still going! Kewl!

  11. You make the WNBA sound almost fun enough to watch!

  12. omg! the wnba is still here! lol

  13. Clever writer but I think pub for the WNBA is useless.

  14. Your way of covering the WNBA is more fun than their own coverage!

  15. How do you beome a trainer in the WNBA?

  16. Look for my Lynx to win it all once again!

  17. Excellent site you got here! Please maintain updating, I will def read a lot more. Itll be in my bookmarks so far better update! 190447

  18. Call me a future WNBA star!

  19. The WNBA needs to hire you as a publicity rep! You make them sound more fun than they are to watch!

  20. Watch out for the Dream!

  21. I like to follow the WNBA and I live in Germany!

  22. Quite a race for MVP in the WNBA this year!

  23. It’s good 2 c u bring ur twisted genius to covering the wnba

  24. I think you’re fighting a losing cause trying to popularize the WNBA.

  25. Incredible! I thought the WNBA went out of business about 10 years ago.

  26. Nice to visit a place that covers the WNBA!

  27. Some hot ladies in the wnba but nobody wants to watch the games.

  28. Fun way to cover the WNBA!

  29. I was trying to play basketball in college but it was too rough on the feet! Ouch!

  30. Too little paint toughness in the WNBA.

  31. My dream has been to play in the WNBA some day! Love your fun coverage!

  32. Screw these guys badmouthing the WNBA! They’re just scared about the size of their penises.

  33. Yeah, I’l lbet their penises are so big it’s scary.

  34. The WNBA needs all the support it can get! Ignore the naysayers!

  35. Why do some guys get so threatened by women playing pro basketball?

  36. The Lynx will repeat! Bank on it!

  37. Nobody cares about the WNBA so why is it still around?

  38. WNBA not as sexy as each volleyball.

  39. Yay!! Somebody writing about the WNBA!

  40. Like ur site! Nobody covers the WBNA!

  41. It is certainly rare to find a WNBA site!

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