With the Frontierado holiday coming up on Friday, August 3rd we need to crank up our preparations. Here’s a drink recipe for those of legal drinking age.  I’ll also be giving the recipe for a Cactus Jack, but for right now I’ll give you the recipe for another traditional Frontierado drink. It’s called a Deuces Wild and like a Cactus Jack it’s my own recipe.

To make a Deuces Wild you first combine 2 parts Tequila with 3 parts Squirt. Then you add 3 tablespoon scoops of watermelon and mix in a blender for about 20 seconds. You can drink it as is but if you want a Deuces Wild Black you add a few sprinkles of pepper. If you want a Deuces Wild Red you add a few sprinkles of cinammon. 

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  1. Yea…Frontierado is coming. I can’t wait. Especially now I have my very own copy of SILVERADO. You know what I can’t wait to see though Ed…The Hatfields and the McCoys. That looks so good. Oh my, Kevin is the best cowboy in the world…isn’t he !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I agree the Hatfields and McCoys movie looks terrific. It’s getting a lot of hype over here, even a 2 hour documentary recapping the famous feud being used as a promotional tv show for the film’s release.

      And yeah, Colorado Costner has that certain something that helped him win the heart of Buckshot Bryant! Too bad I’m too busy to do additional sagas for people this year or we could have some new entries in the Frontierado Hall of Fame!

  2. Woman

    This one I’ll have to pass on!!! Watermelon and I are not good friends!!! I’ll take the Tequila though.

  3. This sounds delish! Gonna try it tonight!

  4. Loving the whole Frontierado thing!

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