The Hutchinson Blue Dragons (logo at right) were eliminated from the  Region VI college basketball tournament yesterday. Meanwhile, as noted in my weekend posts, the NCCAA and both divisions of USCAA champions have been crowned.

NAIA2’s Final Four teams face each other tonight. The Northwood (FL) Seahawks and the McPherson Bulldogs tip off at 7pm ET. The Oregon Tech Hustlin’ Owls close the night out with their 9pm game against the Davenport Panthers. The NAIA’s Division 1 tournament gets underway on Wednesday morning, the NJCAA Division 3 tournament begins on Thursday.

GAME ONE – SEAHAWKS 76 BULLDOGS 56 *** McPherson made the first 7 minutes of the game interesting by racking up a small lead. All that did was make the Seahawks mad, though, and like they’ve done most of the season they just pressed down on the accelerator and toughened up on defense. They had a 1 point lead within 3 more minutes and by halftime had expanded that lead to 37-25. The 2nd half was more of the same with the Bulldogs falling further and further behind and looking more outclassed by the minute.  SEAHAWKS ADVANCE TO THE CHAMPIONSHIP GAME TOMORROW NIGHT

GAME TWO HUSTLIN’ OWLS 55 PANTHERS 50 – Every Leap Year you can pencil Oregon Tech into the NAIA2 championship game. The last time the Hustlin’ Owls made it to the title bout it was 2008 and  they walked away with the crown. This marks the 4th time overall that OIT will play for it all. Diaper Dandy Bobby Hunter led Tech with 20 points but it was clutch work at the charity stripe by Gomez that sealed the win with the final score 55-50. HUSTLIN’ OWLS ADVANCE TO THE CHAMPIONSHIP GAME TOMORROW NIGHT


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  1. Oregon Tech – national champs! Look for a repeat next year.

  2. Hi! You’ve made an NAIA and NCCAA fan out of me!

  3. The Seahawks will be back in the tournament next year and will take the title!

  4. You cover NAIA and NJCAA,2! I am following this blog from now on!

  5. Props for covering the NJCAA tournament! You go dude!

  6. With the Hutchinson Blue Dragons not making the tournament field in the NJCAA I didn’t get into their tournament, but I did enjoy your NAIA tournament coverage!

  7. McPherson got in over their heads this year. Next year the Bulldogs will be calmer and steadier and will make it to the title game.

  8. My Seahawks let me down, but ups for your impressive coverage of non-D1 sports!

  9. I am getting into NJCAA sports thanks to your blog!

  10. Milwaukee Tech rules! Go Stormers! Good to see someone covering the NJCAA tournament!

  11. Fantastic! Never heard of these teams b4 but Ill b following them from now on!

  12. Go Milwaukee Tech! The Stormers will be back next year and back strong!

  13. Genuinely love the divisions you cover! My Sandhills Flyers won it all!

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