Conspiracy kooks who believe that we never landed on the moon and that the 9-11 attacks were staged by the U.S. government also believe the world will end this coming December 21st. Balladeer’s Blog has been examining some of the previous end of the world scares that suckered in large numbers of people.

Feb 2nd, 1962 – For the first time in 400 years seven planets were to line up on this date. Astrologers in India believed that this would result in the destruction of the Earth. Millions gathered in constant prayer meetings to calm the anger of the gods.

Sacrifices were also offered up in the hope of averting the cataclysm. Thousands of marigolds were burned, 1 1/2 tons of pure butter was melted down and 250 Hindu holy men working in shifts recited the Hindu liturgy 4,800,000 times.

In Burma, even Prime Minister U Nu got in on the irrational activity, releasing 3 bullocks, 9 goats, 3 pigs, 60 hens, 120 doves, 60 ducks, 120 fish and 218 crabs, all in the cause of preventing the world’s destruction. Indian con artists made a bundle off the gullible masses by selling them special stones that would supposedly protect them from the impending disaster.

Naturally nothing happened, which in the world of irrational religious belief was distorted into a belief that all the prayers and sacrifices had succeeded in saving the world. Millions gave thanks for this “reprieve” from the hour of doom. I guess if they had only released 217 crabs instead of 218 the gods would have said, “Screw ’em! Let the planet be destroyed”, but since they released a full 218, all was well and good.  

FOR MORE END OF THE WORLD MYTHS CLICK HERE: https://glitternight.com/category/end-of-the-world-myths/



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10 responses to “END OF THE WORLD MYTH: GROUNDHOG DAY 1962

  1. Woman

    Do these numbers and amounts have any special meaning??? They just seem so random!!!

  2. These kinds of posts and your movie reviews are my favorite parts of this blog.

  3. Informative and so very funny, 2! u come up with some weird end of the world stories

  4. Zeke Motojokowski

    I remeber this one I was in 8th grade, Chet Hundley signed off the Huntley-Brinkley NBC evening news saying they would have coverage of the end of the world on the next broadcast. Eight months later the world almost ended for real during the Cuban Missel Crisis.

    • Thanks for commenting! That captures it perfectly! All these long-term predictions of the end of the world always go wrong, but if it does ever happen it will probably be from some situation that comes out of nowhere.

  5. Dwight

    These theories are as silly as climate change apocalypse nuts today.

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