Irshad Manji

 On December 26th, in Amsterdam, two Muslim speakers who favor reforming and modernizing Islam were addressing a public roundtable on the subject when the meeting was disrupted by a gang of members of the Muslim fundamentalist group called Sharia4Holland. They attempted to shout down the speakers, demanded the event be stopped, threatened and spat at the speakers  and accused them of apostasy, an offense punishable by death under Islamic law. Police were needed to deal with the assault. 

The intruders were so proud of all this that they even posted a video of it at their group’s Youtube site. The name Sharia4Holland may sound like satire, but there’s also a group called Sharia4Belgium, and I can’t help wondering if the pro-Sharia groups also have organizations called “Death2TheInfidels” and “WeH8Apostates”. 

The two Muslim speakers were Dutch parliamentarian Tofik Dibi, 31, and NYU Professor Irshad Manji. Manji was born in Uganda in 1968 and is lesbian. She is also the best-selling author of The Trouble With Islam Today: A Muslim’s Call For Reform In Her Faith.    

Speaking about the experience with the intruders from Sharia4Holland, Manji had this to say:

“… all of us refused to leave, even when police asked. We wouldn’t play on jihadi terms. Some things are simply more important than fear.”

I guess we’ll be seeing some Hollywood movies praising her for her courage or a Lifetime Television biography of her … oh, wait. The American Left believes that only the anti-Western voices of the Muslim world are authentic. Any hint that many Muslims are brave enough to risk life and limb to speak out about the need for reform in the Islamic faith doesn’t work well with the American Left’s “narrative” so they ignore it.

Irshad heads New York University’s Moral Courage Project, which seeks to develop leaders who will challenge political correctness, intellectual conformity and self-censorship. This project is direly needed in the increasingly zombified  atmosphere of American political discourse.

Well, since America’s Liberals are too cowardly to cover items like this and America’s Conservatives have a credibility problem since many of them are Christian kooks, Balladeer’s Blog will be happy to fill the vacuum and give this story some of the attention it deserves. Plus, I should probably send a few thousand T-shirts with Manji’s remark “Some things are simply more important than fear” to America’s gutless Liberal community.


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  1. I am so glad to see this! I love how you are always right out front with theses kinds of things and I agree, this is the type of woman that Hollywood should make a movie about. But like you say, it serves the Left’s purpose to pretend that only Muslims who hate the western democracies are “authentic”. God, I loathe liberals now even though I used to be one.

    • I know how you feel. The cringing, cowardly behavior of the politically correct left has filled a lot of former liberals like us with disgust. And yes, this lady and her like-minded colleagues deserve praise and recognition.

    • Thank you very much, Harry! I’d appreciate it if you could do me the favor of posting a link to this at your blog. Reform-minded Muslims deserve all the moral support the world can give them.

  2. Woman

    I agree. If this Kim Cardassian gets movies and TV programs made about her hair (seriously??? I’m just glad I am away from it all) the least some producer could do is provide some intelligent programming for those of us who enjoy having brain cells!!!!

  3. I am posting this on my facebook page! Great to see an article like this. You’re right about how the left is too cowardly to cover this topic.

  4. This is a fantastic post! I think its wonderful how you bring us stories about people who aren’t too afraid to stand up to Islamic hate groups.

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