SUPER PRESIDENT was an actual cartoon series from the 1960’s that has virtually disappeared. It’s rare to catch a glimpse of this DePatie- Freleng show anywhere or even to find people who have heard of it outside of oddballs like me.

This cartoon was not intended for laughs, like it would be today. It honestly featured a superhero whose “secret identity” was being President of the United States. First off, there’s the absurd fun of the name AND the fact that calling yourself Super President instantly blows your cover anyway, unless you think people are dumb enough to not figure out what you’re the president OF. (The Teamsters Union? The National Egg Council?)  

President James Norcross was our title superhero and like the Fantastic Four a half-dozen years earlier got his powers from a cosmic ray storm. He had super-strength, could fly via small rockets on his belt and as the topper could transform himself into any substance – steel, granite, water, electricity and on more than one occassion – “ozone”. (Ozone?) Super President also had a nifty Omnicar that could drive, fly and serve as a submarine. The Omnicar was stashed in a secret room in the White House that served as SP’s version of the Batcave (How was this addition to the White House added without attracting attention and how much did it cost?).

Super Prez’s White House was very odd-looking and it was hard to tell if it was supposed to be futuristic or what. It looked like the regular White House but with an “unsharpened” Washington Monument stacked on top of it. The only person who knew SP’s secret identity was President Norcross’ aide, bland man-in-a-suit Jerry Sayles, who was often in need of rescuing from the aliens, monsters and occassional foreign menaces that our hero fought.

In all there were thirty deliriously strange episodes of Super President and the voicework was done by a veritable Who’s Who of animation legends – Paul Frees, June Foray, Daws Butler, Ted Cassidy and Don Messick for instance. Personally I would have loved to see what Ralph Bakshi would have done with this concept. Anyway, Super President cartoons would make a great dessert after, or appetizer before, one of the incredibly weird movies I review on my Bad Movie page.



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  1. Seriously, where do you find this stuff. I would have loved to hear the pitch for this show. It’s such a strange concept.

    You would probably like invisible mikey’s post head full of strange

    he found a clip of William Shatner singing “rocketman” it left me all freaked out

    • Hell, I find them in all the odd places my fellow eccentrics and I congregate. I’ve even got several books that cover JUST educational and safety shorts plus rough-cuts of never-released tv show pilot episodes.

      Rachel at work always kids me she wants to move in with me just so she can watch the odd stuff I watch all the time.

      Yeah, that Shatner thing is hilarious! It’s been years sinced I last saw it, so I may go there to look at it again. I also love Nimoy singing Where Is Love? from Oliver!

  2. Woman

    LOL!! I agree with Unga Bunga Girl… where on earth do you find this stuff?????

    • Ha! Various weird places! One of my favorite old sites that is gone now used to sell whiskey and hard-to-find movies. I used to say that if it was a woman I’d have begged it to marry me!

  3. I want o know that too. Seriously !! I would have loved this comic hereo !!!!!!!! LOL

    • Here, there and everywhere you could say! Super President also had a co-feature called Spy Shadow about a spy who could detach his sentient shadow from himself and let it operate independently of him as sort of a “partner”. I’m serious.

  4. midaevalmaiden

    my hubby claims to remember watching this cartoon as a boy. He read your post today and got a kick out of it.

  5. A detachable shadow – I want one. 🙂

  6. Yeah, that would be a pretty convenient thing to have!

  7. I would have to wonder just how much of a headache this would create for his Secret Service detail. As for his costume, why is it only red and white? Should there not be at least a little bit of blue in there somewhere?

  8. lmao I give up these shows and movies u come up with r 2 much Super President I luv it!

  9. I watch the short-lived scifi action animated series about a heroic president Norcross and his sidekick the presidential advisor and protégée based from the tv series from1967-68 NBC Saturday mornings less than two seasons long before superfriends men in black x-men tv series and others I watch all the old cartoons when I was six years old during childhood years in the Philippines
    all the cartoons keep in prosperity was part of history of American culture and thanks for the information for your comments .from:Wayne

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  11. Keldor D'Antrell

    President Trump is the real Super President alright!

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