As a Frontierado gift to my readers here is my personal recipe for Tumbleweed Pizza, the perfect snack to go with Silverado and whatever second Western you watch on the day of Frontierado itself, coming up this Friday, August 5th.

Start with a few extra-large tortilla shells or round pita shells. Spread tomato paste and/or sauce around them, leaving as much crust room as you prefer. Spread shredded pepperjack cheese all over each shell until you completely cover the tomato paste/sauce. Add small slices of Nopolito Cactus (it will taste a lot like green peppers), red beans and bits of buffalo meat, or antelope, or rattlesnake or all three. Have the oven preheated to 350 degrees. Place each shell in the oven for approximately 15 minutes, or 20 minutes if you’re doing two shells at once. Then eat just like you would a regular pizza. For extra zesty Tumbleweed Pizza you can mix Salsa Sauce or Chipotle Sauce in with the tomato paste/sauce as well as adding Jalapeno Peppers if you like

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  1. Woman

    Hummm…. well we are eating homemade pizza tonight. If I got this a few hours ago I could have had my way to make this one!!! But I got an upper body work out kneading the dough.

    But this sounds REALLY good!!! Consider this forwarded onto the cousins for the family picnic back in Canada!!!! Merci buttocks darling!!!

  2. Well thank you very much, G! I hope the family enjoys it! And I would be thrilled if you did a “Woman … On Frontierado” post on Friday. Nothing long, just a shoutout would be really appreciated!

  3. Woman

    Hummmm…. I would have to write it tomorrow and delay post it as I get to play around with weeds and flowers on Friday. I shall try my bestest to do something for you!!!!

  4. Sounds good! I’m gonna try it.

  5. Wow! how spicy it is! After reading your blog now i just want to try it as soon as possible. love to have your pizza.

  6. I make pizza at least once a week, so thanks for the recipe. I’d definitely give it a go, as it sound very, very interesting. I don’t think I’ll find those meats in our shops, so I’ll have to be creative and replace them with whatever unusual meaty ingredients I can find. Does antelope taste like venison? I have that in my freezer…What does rattlesnake taste like?

    • Antelope is fairly similar to venison, yes. Rattlesnake tastes like fishy chicken. If you’ve ever had Japanese sea-eel it’s not as fishy as that, more on the chickeny side.

  7. midaevalmaiden

    I like your description of the taste of snake. If it ever comes my way Ill try it. This pizza sounds perfect for munching on in front of a good movie!
    Oh yeah, I also gave a little shout out today about the holiday. Did you want me to link it though?

  8. Thanks! Yes, link it please. Buckshot Bryant, Doc Robyn and Kid Equus first learned about Frontierado through your blog, so maybe some more folks will get on board if you link to it. Go ahead and link to the Happy Frontierado post if you feel like it. Thanks!

  9. Again with the buffalo meat…LOL

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  11. It looks so delicious, Even i showed this blog to my mum and she promised me that she will prepare pizza for me from this pizza recipe . And i love to have it.

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