Recently I looked at NCAA Division 3 players signed to NFL teams. Now let’s take a look at the NAIA football players signed by NFL teams in this year’s odd, frenzied period of free agent signings.

The Chargers took Patrick Crayton from the NWOSU Rangers, the Bills took Michael Jasper from the Bethel (TN) Wildcats and the 49ers took Tremaine Brock from the Belhaven Blazers.

The Browns signed the Lindenwood Lions’ Brian Schaetering and the Union Bulldogs’ Armond Smith. The Bengals signed another Lindenwood player, Jamere Holland as well as the Georgetown (KY) Tigers’ Kyle Anderson. A third Lindenwood player, Keenan Mace, signed with the Cowboys. Troy White from the West Virginia Tech Golden Bears signed with the Jaguars. The Baker Wildcats’ Tanner Purdhum signed with the Jets.  

The Buccaneers acquired Union’s Quinton Borders as well as the Webber International Warriors player Vincent Anderson. The Saints acquired Joe Morgan from the Walsh Cavaliers plus Coy Bielby from the Marian Knights. Derrick Ward of the Ottawa (KS) Braves and Justin Bartlett of the CC Fighting Saints signed with the Texans. Many more signings of NAIA players will be announced in the next few days!


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  1. Dr Colin

    Love your college football coverage and I hope these players have successful careers.

  2. Perry - running back

    Love it! I may go to one of these schools to play and it’s great to know they can lead you to the NFL 2!

  3. these guys are all young men of character and it’s good to see them move on to the NFL.

  4. I never knew this league was out there! I can send my kids to one of these schools even if they don’t play sports. They sound like just our kind of people!

  5. Wonderful to hear about these players getting into the NFL! NAIA Sports needs more attention!

  6. I had no idea NAIA college players made it to the NFL on such a regular basis! Interesting!

  7. I am so glad these players make it to the NFL!

  8. It’s wonderfull to know my son can go to one of these schools and still mak the NFL .God bless you!

  9. Yay! I want my brother to play for one of these schools now!

  10. May God bless you for spreading the word about how athletes at these institutions can make the NFL.

  11. Really fantastic! Good to see such fine young men get the chance to play professional football!

  12. God bless you for bringing attention to these deserving student athletes.

  13. Nice to see non-felons move on to the NFL!

  14. I think your fun, funny coverage does more to spread the word about NAIA sports than the NAIA does.

  15. I like how you called the NAIA a league full of Tim Tebows. That’s so good the NAIA should get Tebow to do a commercial for them.

  16. I’m telling my nephews about all this. They can go to a school that’s not hostile to them and they can still play football with a possible path to the NFL!

  17. God bless you for making this type of NAIA information more generally known.

  18. I want to play in the NAIA now! Knowing I can still find my way to the NFL from there is great! How come more places don’t cover them?

    • Glad to hear it! More people don’t cover them because ESPN doesn’t have their contract so they never mention the NAIA. Therefore a lot of people have never heard of them.

  19. I hope you have a blessed year! You are wonderful for covering these young men who do it the right way and are actual student athletes.

  20. My nephew should like knowing this. He can go to a school where he won’t get ridiculed for his faith but still make the NFL.

  21. May the Lord be with you for giving these overlooked athletes their due. I hope someday you’ll be saved. I don’t agree with your views on religion but you’ve got the American respect of the First Amendment and don’t attack us for our faith. You’re a puzzle, but you’re doing good work here.

  22. I luv ur blog! I want 2 play for 1 of these schools now! It helps no-ing I can get to the NFL from them.

  23. This is so good to see someone showcasing real student athletes like you get in the NAIA. My son can go to a university where he won’t be ridiculed for his religion and still play football and still possibly make it to the NFL.

  24. Very good to see quality young men get to the nfl. Thanks!


  26. My son could go play for an NAIA team and still get to the NFL! Sign him up!

  27. Wonderful news that these fine young men get to the pros!

  28. Renee

    Good for theses young men to get to the NFL as real student athletes.

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