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A look at my detailed entry on the Inuit goddess who ruled over narwhals. For more Inuit deities click here:

ATUQTUQARNAQ – The narwhal goddess, who had the form of a whale-sized mermaid with her hair sculpted into the traditional horn/tusk of the narwhals she ruled over. Before Sedna transformed her into the narwhal  deity she was an abusive mother to  her blind son. When he recovered his eyesight after a loon dipped him in the ocean repeatedly he got revenge on his mother by harpooning a massive narwhal while his evil mother was holding the other end of the harpoon line.

The narwhal dragged her into the sea where Sedna transformed her into the goddess who rules over narwhals. There are rare traditions in which the narwhal goddess is herself Sedna, but the overwhelming majority of accounts list the narwhal goddess as a separate deity and preserve Sedna’s usual origin story involving her father Anguta trying to banish her to the sea.

In other traditions the narwhal goddess is the mother of the moon god and the sun goddess. 

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  2. Woman

    Darling, I couldn’t get past the narwhale. Mmmm….. narwhal.

    I packed my narwhal art work this morning into storage. I did shed a tear reading this!!!

  3. I’m glad she got what she deserved!! Bad mother! She’s just spoilt the nice, pretty mermaid image for me. I think I’d rather stick to Ariel as far as mermaids are concerned.

  4. That sounds like a case for the Social Services and Child Protection Department to me…

  5. midaevalmaiden

    SO now she spends her free time abusing the narwhals? WHat did they ever do to desrve her?

    • Ha! Interestingly there are no myths in which she abuses the narwhals, so for some reason she was fonder of them than she was of her own son.

  6. God, I feel like I suhold be takin notes! Great work

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  8. I love how you tie all these obscure Inuit gods together!

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  10. Julia

    I always love reading old fables, they’re always so interesting

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