Today instead of looking at a movie host of the past we’ll look at two who are still active. First up is the one and only Wolfman Mac, seen in the photo with his friend Boney Bob. Wolfman Mac hosts Chiller Drive-In, on which he shows the usual beloved B-movies of the past in the time-honored movie host tradition. Mac’s schtick is that a stereotypical pitchfork and torch-bearing mob once chased him into a haunted old drive-in where he met Boney Bob and began showing old, campy movies. Wolfman Mac’s show airs Saturday nights at 10pm on the cable channel called RetroTV. Tonight’s movie is The Monster Maker, the old standard about a former special effects man gone mad Phantom of the Opera style. The flick deals with the FX man’s desire for revenge at the movie industry he feels has discarded him.

On Elvira’s Movie Macabre (recently made – not reruns from the 1980’s) she will be showing the old Roger Corman anti-classic A Bucket Of Blood starring Corman stalwart Dick Miller as Walter Paisley. Paisley is a struggling artist who soon realizes that preserving his murder victims and presenting them as sculptures makes him the “hottest new talent” on the art scene. Elvira’s show is on the cable channel ThisTV on Saturdays and Sundays. Check ThisTV’s website for times in your area.



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  1. The pic is funny. Cool! The Corman movie sounds interesting and it’s got to be cheesy since he is the king of cheese.

  2. There are a few skulls kicking about in blog-world this weekend. First you get George doing Hamlet, and now we’ve got Boney Bob (what an appropriate name, BTW) making a star appearance. Very nice…Chiller Drive-In…that sounds so retro …

  3. Ha! Yeah, it’s kind of an unofficial theme I guess. And I guess a retro sounding name is appropriate for a channel called RetroTV so it all works out!

  4. Oh no, it’s the official theme. Even before we were on RTV, our goal was to give folks that old school horror host vibe. Most of us that work on the show grew up on The Ghoul and Sir Graves Ghastly (here in the Detroit area).

    Oh, and this week RTV viewers will get “Attack of The The Eye Creatures.” — Monster Maker was last Saturday.

    • Thanks for dropping by Dr Valentine! My reference to the theme was in reply to Didi joking that skulls were a theme this weekend since her blog did a bit with her dog doing Hamlet. I know, we’re kind of unusual but you have to love us!

      By the way, I love reading books on specific movie hosts (my favorite was Elena Watson’s terrific book from long ago). Are there any specific books about JUST The Ghoul or Sir Graves Ghastly? (Similar to the ones on JUST Dr Shock, Svengoolie, Ghoulardi, John Stanley and Zacherle)

  5. Raquel

    These shows sound neat and I love how you describe bad movies in your reviews.

  6. Wayne M.

    Never heard of Wolfman Mac and I had no idea Elvira was still doing shows. Great post!

  7. Elvira and Wolfman Mac are much better than Mike Nelson!

  8. i really admire your content.

  9. This website pattern is perfect, the articles is really great : D.

  10. Denise

    Wolfman Mac is better than some of the horror hosts right now.

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