With the Frontierado holiday coming up the first Friday in August I’ll be devoting more and more coverage to it. To learn more about this holiday click here:

As we get closer to Frontierado I’ll begin examining quality westerns but for now you can once again think of me as the Bronson Canyon Kid (bad movie buffs will get it) as I take a look at three more weird westerns.

THE DEVIL AND MISS SARAH (1971) – A veritable ton of familiar western stars appear in this supernatural western that sort of reminds me of Black Noon (previously reviewed in my The Bad, The Weird And The Freaky segments.) Gene “Bat Masterson” Barry plays notorious outlaw Rankin and James “The Virginian” Drury plays Gil Turner (no relation to the head football coach for the Kansas Jayhawks), who is escorting Rankin to prison.

Slim Pickens appears in the flick as Stoney and Janice Rule plays the titular Sarah Turner, Gil’s wife, who is endowed with psychic powers. The Native Americans’ view of Rankin as the devil is  dismissed as superstition but en route to prison the outlaw begins exerting more and more control over Sarah, who is especially vulnerable to his demonic influence because of her telepathic sensitivity. This is okay, but Black Noon was better.   

METEOR MONSTER (1958) Also released under the title Teenage Monster, this minor gem features a simple-minded young man in the old west being exposed to radiation from a fallen meteor and becoming a hairy monster.

The novelty of the western setting helps to make this formula monster movie worth at least one look, but it’s not fun-bad enough to merit a review on my Bad Movie page.

BAD KIDS OF THE WEST (1967) – Even for a Spaghetti Western this movie is weird, weird, weird. A pair of outlaws on the run hide out in a town populated only by children who act like adult western townspeople. The little boys all try to act like the steely-eyed killers played by Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef, Franco Nero, John Garko, etc.

The little girls all act like slutty saloon whores, making you wonder if child molesters were this film’s target audience. The charming vibe of Bugsy Malone and Shirley Temple’s Baby Burlesque shorts is lacking, but there’s creepy ambience to spare! The “comedic” highlight of the movie comes when the children serve the outlaws their special “warm beer”. Three guesses how they make it. (They piss into beer glasses and serve ’em up!) 

Yes, not since the short story The Ransom of Red Chief have fetishism and Old West antics meshed so seamlessly. I guess we should all be thankful that little kids’ voices are used for the dubbing, unlike the 1950s western The Buckskin Kid, which also featured children acting like adult western characters, but with really deep-voiced grown-ups supplying the voices,  making all the kids sound like they were possessed.    





  1. Dude you are whacked!
    re: the Devil and Miss Sarah – definitely will see – I like Slim Pickens
    re: Bad Kids of the West – sounds like “Children of the Corn” which also was a bad movie

  2. LOL Thanks, I’ll take that as a compliment. I think you’ll like The Devil and Miss Sarah. It’s mostly about the building of tension and an overall eerie feel, not blood and gore.

    And hey, Children of the Corn would make a great double feature with Bad Kids of the West! And speaking of Children of the Corn have you ever seen Who Could Kill A Child? It’s the Spanish horror film from the seventies that did the “children as the monsters” theme very very VERY well. The original is a classic, but sadly they are supposedly remaking it and I’m sure it will suck and be all about gorey effects and not the rising horror of the situation the adults find themselves in.

    • It totally is a compliment.

      I’m gonna check out that “Who Could Kill A Child”? Freaky kids are so disturbing. You don’t need any gore, that is for sure. Cool!

      • Thanks! And I hope you like Who Could Kill A Child? Like I said, they do it the right way in that flick and I can’t believe it isn’t better known. The 1980’s film Beware! Children At Play is much better known for some reason, just because of the orgy of cheap (and lame) gore effects when the adults slaughter the malevolent children at the end. For anyone curious about Beware! Children At Play, various people upload just the last several minutes of the movie, so if you’re just curious about the slaughter of the children (the film’s only claim to fame as the rest of it sucks) just go to Youtube.

  3. Woman

    You know… I may not watch a lot of westerns ( I know I really should) but I love reading these reviews you do on them!!!!!!

  4. Thank you, Woman! I’m always glad to find other people who share my odd sense of humor!

  5. lifewith4cats

    Funny you mention Shirley Temple. Although I liked her singing as a youth I also also thought she was very slutty and strange to be so heavily made up and prancing around showing her knees to the adult world. I have always wondered why the rest of the world thought she was so cute while I thought it was obscene.

    The evil kid movie sounds strange enough to watch. Unfortunatly you know the story, its not on Netflix. But the spanish movie you mentioned was.

  6. Now that you mention it, I guess there is something creepy in Jon Benet Ramsey sort of way about the whole Shirley Temple phenomenon.

    Sorry about Netflix and most of the movies I review. You wouldn’t believe what I go through in some cases just to get copies of those obscure and forgotten flicks. On the plus side I think you’ll really get creeped out by the well-done movie “Who Could Kill A Child?”

  7. Felona

    OMG I thought I was the only one who thought the ransom of red chief was kind of creepy!

  8. Meteor Monster was the only one of those I think would like.

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