I continue my look at the forgotten pulp hero Silver John with a synopsis of the next short story going in order of publication. For the background info on Silver John plus the details on the other short stories featuring the character click here: https://glitternight.com/pulp-heroes/

***ONE OTHER – A beautiful young woman who is bitter over Silver  John  resisting her charms lures him to a remote mountain top. Once there, she plans to sacrifice him to a monstrous creature dwelling in a seemingly bottomless pond that is really a portal to another dimension. Silver John must withstand an attack by this other- dimensional being known as “One Other”, a struggle complicated by the young woman’s greed for the material riches the alternate dimension has to offer. This story has an ending that is more sci-fi than horror, but that actually  provides a nice change of pace and makes the story feel fresh.


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  2. Sara

    The evil woman versus the virtuous man theme. It does sound like a good sci fi. (yeah cause that kind of thing never would happen in real life) just kidding. This is a comic book not a tv series right? Ill have to keep an eye out for it.

  3. Ha! Actualy these are a series of shorts stories and then 5 novels. I’m saving my entries on the novels for last. I think these stories should be done on the radio because of Wellman’s perfection of the art of storytelling. Either that or a books on tape release, or, hell, a musical version incorporating some of the tales with a wraparound story (his first meeting with his beloved Evadare for instance) . If they do country-western musicals the Silver John stories would be a perfect subject.

  4. Sara

    How about a podcast? You could do those yourself even. or if you had super patience.. how about claymation like Gumby? ok that last bit was a joke but the first part about podcasts was for real.

  5. This is such an awesome hero! Let’s make a movie about Silver John.

  6. Ha! I love the Gumby remark (Remember “I’m Gumby, dammit!”) I don’t know the first thing about podcasts, but a year ago I didn’t know a thing about blogs, so who knows. I’m just surprised that these stories haven’t been pounced on by somebody. A hero who is a supposedly good-looking young man with a guitar who roams around fighting supernatural forces. You’d think a Twilight-crazed entertainment world would see a made-for-cable series out of this.

  7. lifewith4cats

    The way you just now described him makes me really interested in it.
    I confess, though I love the stories as you tell them, Ive been picturing a backwoods yokel with buck teeth and a paul bunyan shirt. Only semi good looking and with a banjo. And he talks like “weeell Gollllyyy”

    I should not stereo type like this I know. But now instead, thanks to your new description, Ill picture a young Kurt Russell with a nice Gibson guitar strapped to his back and kicking but.

    p.s. I tend to talk blunt on your blog. If you ever want me to tone it down, just let me know and I will. ok? lol

  8. No need to tone it down, I like the way you comment. But yeah, if you ever look at the covers to the actual Silver John short story collections and the five novels they always portray him as a hunky young stud with his silver-stringed guitar always at the ready. Way back when that Achey-breaky guy was young he’d have made a good choice to play Silver John. I have no idea what country singer you could pick these days.
    or look at the picture here – https://glitternight.com/2011/03/17/sneak-preview-of-my-pulp-hero-page-first-up-silver-john/

  9. lifewith4cats

    Thats a good picture. I can see why that evil which tried to lure him. He is wearing a paul bunyan shirt but without the suspenders.

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