Day two of the NAIA basketball tournament is under way with games in the books already. If you’re not familiar with the NAIA tournament they play all their games at one venue, that is why they start so early and go on until late at night. As added fun for pet owners I’m continuing to keep track of how teams with dog nicknames and teams with cat nicknames are doing.

GAME 8 – OKLAHOMA WESLEYAN EAGLES 82  STERLING KNIGHTS 81   Day 2’s game of the day didn’t happen until this last matchup of the evening. This thoroughly enjoyable game had the adrenaline flowing in any fan of the game of basketball. All pet owners will care about, though is that this makes 2 games in a row with no change in the cats vs dogs stats. We stay at: CAT NICKNAMES: 5-2       DOG NICKNAMES: 1-3   

GAME 7 – EASTERN OREGON MOUNTAINEERS 82  CEDARVILLE YELLOWJACKETS 74     Skill was the name of this game as the level of pure basketball played was among the best seen so far this tournament. Pet owners, however, will be disappointed because this game brought no change to the dogs vs cats count. We stay at : CAT NICKNAMES: 5-2       DOG NICKNAMES: 1-3   

GAME 6 – DAKOTA WESLEYAN TIGERS 71  GRACE LANCERS 62    Another upset and another win by a team with a cat nickname! Cats are piling up a huge lead over their canine rivals.     CAT NICKNAMES: 5-2       DOG NICKNAMES: 1-3   

GAME 5 – NORTHWOOD (FL) SEAHAWKS 91 FISHER COLLEGE FALCONS 64    Not much can be said about this mismatch. Northwood is the 2nd ranked team in the country so credit to them but now shame to Fisher College, whose team was just up against a more potent team.      No change to our cat vs dog stats so we stay at CAT NICKNAMES: 5-2       DOG NICKNAMES: 1-3 

GAME 4 – WARNER PACIFIC KNIGHTS 94  NORTHWESTERN (IA) RED RAIDERS 83   The Knights came through with the upset in a game that seemed odd the whole way through. No insult to either team is meant by that it’s just that the game seemed to just be warming up when all of a sudden there were just 6 minutes left in the 2nd half.    No impact on the dogs vs cats stats so we remain at: CAT NICKNAMES: 5-2       DOG NICKNAMES: 1-3 

GAME 3- MCPHERSON BULLDOGS 66  EMBRY-RIDDLE EAGLES 60      The Bulldogs pulled off the upset, coming up with their best defensive performance of the season at just the right time. This was a very engaging game from start to finish, to help you get back in the mood after the blowout in Game 2.     CAT NICKNAMES: 5-2       DOG NICKNAMES: 1-3 

GAME 2 – CORNERSTONE GOLDEN EAGLES 100  JOHNSON & WALES TIGERS 69   Cornerstone is the 3rd-ranked team in the nation and it showed as they basically force-fed the Tigers their own young in this rout. This game was even more one-sided than the final score makes it sound.         CAT NICKNAMES: 5-2       DOG NICKNAMES: 0-3  

GAME 1 – IOWA WESLEYAN TIGERS 86  IUS GRENADIERS 75    The final score doesn’t do justice to the tight ending of this game. The Grenadiers had trailed by double digits for most of the game but kept whittling away at the Tigers’ lead in the 2nd half, pulling within 6 points with just 48 seconds remaining in the game. From there it was the usual clutch free throw scenario and the Tigers prevailed.     CAT NICKNAMES: 5-1       DOG NICKNAMES: 0-3


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  1. lifewith4cats

    The cat teams are winning because cats are petty. They can’t handle the affront to their pride if a dog wins.

    The dogs are loosing because they in turn, just want to have fun. Its not about winning with them, only how they play the game. and so if they have a jolly time, they consider themselves winners.

  2. lifewith4cats

    oh and also because all the ‘Real’ dogs are busy running through the snows right about now.

  3. I like that! Interesting psychological breakdown of cats and dogs. We’re finally on to round 2 on this 3rd day of the tournament and the Davenport Panthers are playing in game 1, so right off the bat we’ll have another figure for the cat stats.

  4. Ousdahl

    I can’t get enuff college sports and its great having more teams to follow

  5. I love NAIA sports!

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