Yes, just five months from now will be the first Friday in August, which regular readers of Balladeer’s Blog know and love (?) as the holiday called Frontierado. Since I had just started writing this blog on June 21st of last year there wasn’t really enough lead time to do this momentous occasion justice, but this year I will feature regular updates as the day draws nearer and nearer so that all my readers can be ready. For a quick briefing on the details behind the Frontierado holiday click these links:




  1. lifewith4cats

    Yippee Kiyayy, I’ll celebrate internationaly by watching: Sukiyaki Western Django. I got it from a friend at Christmass but havent watched more than a few minutes of it yet.

    I would love to volunteer myself for a saga. Is this sufficient notice or should I email ya?

    • lifewith4cats

      No, I hadnt seen it yet, But I’m always up for a Japanese satire and they did have it in Netfix. Your not the first to reccomend this to me. So I qued it up to position #1 and will be viewing it at the speed of ‘mailman’

      ps It’s hard not to tell you my surprise. (hint)

      • I’m off to see your surprise now since I noticed the link from your blog. Thank you very much! I think you’ll like Six String Samurai since it’s a pastiche of samurai films, post-apocalypse movies and spaghetti westerns all rolled into one. Terrific approach since those genres all influenced each other. And at its heart it’s a rock and roll fable. The soundtrack by The Red Elvises is the most worn-out cd I own. Plus Six String Samurai features the best use of visual imagery imaginable. Think of a cross between a silent movie and a music video.

  2. Thanks for the enthusiastic response! I’m trying to outdo Festivus. I love Sukiyaki Western Django! Especially that opening with references to The Heike, The Cleansing Of Poisonville, Yojimbo, etc! Have you ever seen Six String Samurai? Sukiyaki Western Django is not as good as Six String Samurai in my opinion but it’s definitely entertaining.

    And I would love to do a Saga for you! I’ll e-mail you the Questionnaire soon. Sorry about my delay on your kitty-cat’s Guest Commentator bit. I’ve got my hands full with all the basketball action, etc. It will be up soon. Possibly this weekend!

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  4. I’ve got no idea what you guys are talking about, but I have to say your enthusiasm is infectious. I’ve got to go and find out more about this Frontierado thing. Then I won’t sound so ignorant…Off to check out your links for clues, Ed.

    Looking forward to Sara’s babies’ guest appearance, at least I should be able to dig that 🙂

  5. Emory

    Good idea to do this. August is so boring and I like the idea of the holiday on a Friday.

  6. I can’t bvelieve nobody thought of this before! Your right about August being the perfect time for a new holiday and the thought you’ve put into Frontierado Poker and all the recipes is awesome

  7. Duwe

    Saw this on WTFtv! This holiday needs to be better known

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