COUNTERSTRIKE is a tragically forgotten British sci fi  television series from 1969. Jon Finch (left) portrayed Simon King, an alien agent who worked for the Intergalactic Council. This council had sent him to Earth to protect it from a group of renegade aliens  from a dying planet who wanted to conquer the Earth and make it their new home. Not the most original of premises, but that inimitable British panache breathed life into the series, which unfortunately ran for just ten episodes, one of which was preempted by a special about the British gangsters named the Krays and was never rescheduled. As with the iconic television series Doctor Who, many episodes of Counterstrike were wiped clean decades ago and only the series’ first four episodes have survived. Finch used his wits as well as a James Bondesque arsenal of clever alien weaponry to thwart Earth’s would-be conquerors each week. The Texas Rangers’s motto is “One riot, one ranger” and I guess the Intergalactic Council’s motto was “One invasion, one agent” since Simon was the only agent they sent to protect the unsuspecting denizens of Earth. Sort of a cross between the Roy Thinnes series The Invaders and the aforementioned Doctor Who (with overtones of the Star Trek episode about Gary Seven), Counterstrike is a lost television treasure waiting for its cult to find it.  And if you’re wondering, the titles of the four surviving episodes are: King’s Gambit, Joker One, On Ice and Nocturne.    



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  1. Rose

    I am going to check this out. I love digging up old TV series…especially Sci-Fi. I was a big fan of the Invaders. Keep blogging!

  2. lifewith4cats

    hmm, I wonder if this is on netfix. I just finnished the last episode of ‘Red Dwarf’ last week. Ive been watching ‘the black adder’ its funny but I keep falling asleep to it.

    • I don’t know about Netflix, but you’d think somebody would release it on DVD. Just about ANYTHING science fiction sells. But, then, they dont even release the original 1950’s Quatermass television serials from the UK in Region 1 format. I have to buy them Region 2 and watch them on a computer. Thanks for the comment! Speaking of Black Adder, I always picture Rowan Atkinson as Dikaiopolis every time I reread The Acharnians by Aristophanes. But I’m kind of odd.

  3. This blog is incredible. I could spend hours here reading about all these lost tv shows and teams and myths you write about.

  4. u should start ur own youtube channel with shows like this

  5. I’m a huge fan of vintage British sci fi and never heard of this show til now. Awesome!

  6. Holly

    I saw counterstrike as a child, knew what it had been about but couldnt remember the name. I also remember it having finished because of the Krays. I have searched all the internet to find this.
    It was indeed an under rated series. I could be its cultie. Pity they dont make them like this one.

  7. Thank YOU for commenting! Glad I could help! I also covered shows like Doomwatch, Mastermind, Department S, Crossbow, etc.

  8. Mavis

    Cool show … and that guy looks kind of cute, from what you can see of him. I want a whole set including the lost episodes.

    • I agree, I wish the lost episodes would surface, too. I still hold out hope that maybe the one preempted by the Krays news special has been sitting on a shelf somewhere waiting to be rediscovered.

  9. I really loved this series and couldnt wait every week to watch it.I remember he lived up a tree (house!!!) and had a girl side kick. A television showed him a link to his planet ,who was a girl i think,,, and some others came down from his planet to help him and they all looked like him ,much to the amazement of the side kick!!!!He also healed very quickly…Handy!!) and was lovely looking!!!!

  10. These shows you talk about are always so cool but most of them are impossible to find. How do you do it?

  11. Anastasia

    I loved Counterstrike, and have always remembered Jon Finch, I thought he was lovely. I was very disappointed when the series was cut short, and then Doomwatch appeared, which I considered inferior (Robert Powell was not in the same league as Jon Finch, in my opinion).

  12. Hey rad article! I’m looking to find sources of content to provide to my hommies at LeathalWorld who love runescape and other games as well 😉 Anyways, hope to see more from you guys soon! Ohh and shameless shoutout to my gamers at Letahal

  13. Pam Johnson

    I too loved this series and am disappointed to hear only four episodes survived. The girl sidekick was actually a female doctor. Jon Finch was injured and taken to hospital in the first episode and his alien physiology gave him away, so she followed him back to his spacecraft. I always remember the episode where his control referred to her as a pet canary because humans were so intellectually inferior.

  14. Quinton B

    Fantastic show!

  15. Calvin

    This had more imagination than most movies and tv shows today.

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