This incredibly handsome fellow is George the Whippet, Official Balladeer’s Blog Nickname: Gentleman George. George lives in the UK with his mum Diana (whom he helps with her blog at http://mylittledog.wordpress.com/ ), Dad David and sister Brianna.  In the interest of international good will Gentleman George has kindly agreed to be Balladeer’s Blog’s latest guest commentator. George told me he keeps a closer tab on American college sports than the other members of his family so he felt uniquely qualified to follow in the pawprints of Bogie, Tibbs, Gaius Baltar, Oolong and Pekoe.  Without further ado, I’m turning the commentary over to that debonair doggy from across the pond, George.

George: Awfully sporting of that Yank Balladeer to feature me as a Guest Commentator on his weblog. I’m fascinated by college sports in the Colonies and I certainly applaud Mr Wozniak’s decision to avoid covering the top division, which reeks of ooze and slime and scandals. He made the ripping good choice to instead highlight the lower divisions where the teams are made up of TRUE student athletes, not mercenaries getting under- the- table payments and illegal classroom help. Blimey! I’d best get on with my commentary before any of you grow bored with me and move on to one of this site’s movie reviews or such.

ITEM: UC-SAN DIEGO MOVES TO 4-1 – George: Even though it doesn’t seem strictly cricket to be playing baseball in February (if you’ll pardon my wry British wit) the 2nd – ranked UC- San Diego Tritons defeated the number 17 Mesa State Mavericks (as in Beau Maverick, the British cousin of Brett, Bart and Brent on the old show Maverick) by a score of 6-1. Pitcher Tim Shibuya logged his second win of this very young season. This is the first road trip of the year for the Tritons.

ITEM: GOLD RUSH AND GOLD NUGGETS ROLLING – George: Since I live in the land of Wimbledon, I find it deucedly frustrating that Mr Wozniak doesn’t give me as much college tennis coverage as I fancy. Permit me to remedy that a bit by mentioning that the Xavier (LA) Gold Rush and Gold Nuggets (the men’s and women’s teams respectively) went 3-0 on their Texas road jaunt. The 14th- ranked Gold Rush defeated Our Lady Of The Lake (NOT the one who threw Excalibur to King Arthur) 8-1 and Bethany 7-2. The Gold Nuggets, ranked 22nd in the nation, defeated Our Lady Of The Lake 5-2.

ITEM: ALEXANDER NAMED COACH OF THE YEAR – George: Moving on to what the Yanks call football and even more importantly, moving on to a team with a canine nickname, DeWayne Alexander, head coach of the Cumberland Bulldogs (as in Bulldog Drummond, appropriately enough for us Brits) has been named the Tennessee Sports Writers Association Football Coach Of The Year. Alexander’s Bulldogs went 8-3, which was a better record this past season than any other Tennessee college football team sported, even Division 1’s Tennessee Volunteers. Good show, Alexander, old chap!

ITEM: SCORING INFERNO – George: I must confess to a certain fondness for the Yank game of roundball, or basketball if you prefer. I was perusing the Northern Athletics Conference results on the women’s side and noticed that Gabby Allen, senior point guard for the Alverno Inferno, became the school’s all-time leading scorer as the Inferno defeated Edgewood College 65-55. Allen now has 1,246 points, breaking the record previously held by her former teammate Lisa Sorgi. Alverno plays Marian University this Wednesday, and, dash it all, the drama will be intense since as the records now stand the winner of that finale for conference play this season will advance to the NAC tournament!   

ITEM: DIPLOMATS OR BULLETS? – George: Since Mr Wozniak is so fond of the ancient Greeks I felt it would be rather a kick to toss in a story on collegiate wrestling. The Franklin and Marshall Diplomats defeated the Gettysburg Bullets in a frankly astounding 34-9 performance. The Diplomats took eight weight classes in the competition for their second win in a row. They lead the all-time series with the Bullets by a bloody impressive 59-6-2!

George: Well, Bob’s your uncle, it looks like that closes out this look at sports in the Colonies! It was positively smashing and absolutely fabulous (a little joke, eh, sweetie darling) to be the very first international Guest Commentator for Balladeer’s Blog. Hopefully this will lead to bigger and better things, like being the first flesh and blood canine companion on Doctor Who, instead of that tin imitation K-9. Or perhaps the first canine companion for James Bond? Now that’s a film series that could use an adorable dog sidekick! My trademark line would be “Wright … George Wright.” 

So long, fare- thee- well, pip-pip, cheerio, I’ll beeeee back sooooon! Ahhh, Lionel Bart references! They drive the chippies wild!   


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  1. Thanks for this wonderful post, Ed. You’ve captured George’s spirit perfectly, it’s like you’ve known him forever. I usually enjoy the humour in your posts, and this one’s really made me laugh. The Brits-Yanks theme is just brilliant.
    I’ll be sharing this post will all my friends. The only thing I won’t do is mention your Dr. Who/James Bond idea to George…He’s too much of a diva already 🙂

    • Thank you for all the kind words! I’m glad you liked it and I can understand you wanting to keep Georges’ ego in check now that he’s a star on two continents. Take care!

  2. Ha ha I love it -great blog!

  3. Ursula

    George is a really cute dog and he seems to know his sports. I love guys with a British accent.

  4. Ellis Cauthron

    OMG I love this blog! If you start a business I want to be a stock holder.

  5. Love those sophisticated british dogs.

  6. Stanley B

    Wonderful idea and a very beautiful animal.

  7. Louise G

    I rally enjoy these pet commentators. And this dog is so adorable looking! Such an unusual but handsome face!

  8. Go George! Animal Planet needs to start a show about pets doing the news.

  9. Stan

    Way to go George. More pet featurs on this blog! That is a good looking animal.

  10. George rocks! I love whippets!

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