donald-trump-and-hillary-clintonI apologize for STILL writing about this election but as we’ve all learned if you let America’s Left-Wing Archie Bunkers get away with even ONE lie they will still be reciting it YEARS and even DECADES later as if it was a fact. (And remember I despise both DemCorp AND RepubCorp)

SUPPOSED OFFICIAL FINAL TALLY: Donald “Agent Orange” Trump – Popular Votes: 62.9 million … Electoral Votes: 306   Hillary “Bugsy” Clinton – Popular Votes: 62.7 million … Electoral Votes: 232.

IF TRUE BE SURE TO SHARE THIS WITH ANYONE STILL PUSHING THEIR LINKS THAT HILLARY WON THE POPULAR VOTE. BERNIE SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE NOMINEE! HE’D HAVE WON THE POPULAR VOTE I BET! You know how battles of links go. Who knows when the fighting will stop or when we’ll know the real final figures. Hillary drones will still refuse to admit heroic Bernie Sanders might have beaten Trump. That’s why it’s important to stop this popular vote story if Hillary did not win it.   

We all know this also means they’ll “move on” to their next standard lie and will claim that eeeeevilllll Americans suppressed the illegal immigrant vote, or whatever is most fashionable. 

The left pretends it likes to “move on” – well, prove it!

And hey, even if this turns out to be as much in error as many of the links Clinton robots are posting to alleged “final” figures it’s nowhere near as bad as Obama’s claims in 2012 to hear “the people who didn’t vote.”

And also click HERE 



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  1. hocuspocus13

    Well…what are they going to cry about now…😭

  2. Can you Bernie bots get over it already? Hillary beat him and she beat Trump.

    • For you whiny Hillary stooges to pretend she beat Bernie fairly is ridiculous. And it was only the millions of illegal immigrant votes that Hillary got in California that gave her more popular votes. You morons DO realize that both Hillary and Trump knew Electoral Votes were the key to victory, right?

  3. I am so sick of Hillary Clinton and I hope she just goes away. Nothing but a crook.

  4. You berniebots unleashed the Trump Reich on the country.

  5. Bernie should have been the nominee, not that hater Hillary who wants all black men in jail as super predators.

  6. I agree that Bernie Sanders should have been the candidate. Hillary and the crooks at the DNC robbed him.

  7. F*ck Hillary and her gangsters. Bernie should have been the nominee. Hillary would have been worse than Trump.

  8. Trump isn’t really the president.

  9. Trump won 30 states out of 50 and won literally hundreds more counties than Hillary did plus the all-important Electoral College. Hillary won just won of the many statistical metrics and a totally meaningless one.

  10. This is a excellent blog, would you be involved in doing an interview about just how you designed it? If so e-mail me!

  11. President Trump has definitely impressed me so far. He is attacked by all the crooks on both sides but keeps on going.

  12. I love how you sucker Trump-haters in and then change up on them!

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