Dutchess Von Stern

Dutchess Von Stern

Forget Dyanne Thorne’s infamous character Ilsa, the real-life living legend of Power Exchange is the one and only Dutchess Von Stern. The Dutchess has been appearing in films that are celebrations of the Female Divine for decades. Her oeuvre is an erotic blend of horror and sexuality, a sort of pulp fiction world of aristocratic women who literally enslave all the men who cross their paths.


DutchessThrough sheer force of will the ladies portrayed by Dutchess Von Stern intimidate their male victims and extract Karmic Justice by reducing them to mere thralls. The men in the Dutchess’ various films exist only to serve “their betters” and to be subjected to whatever mental and physical tortures the superior women decide to inflict on them.
This extraordinary cult starlet, who leads a real-life Power Exchange lifestyle by the way, was kind enough to grant this brief interview to Balladeer’s Blog.
Balladeer’s Blog: Is it true that you really do live the role that you played so often on screen?
Dutchess Von Stern: Of course. I am a real full-time Domme. I have had live-in male submissives for the past twenty years. I only changed them three times, for  different reasons.
BB: What about the rest of your “stable”?
DVS: I own all my subs for life. Seventy-five percent are always around … or available. I’ve had some of them for over thirty years.
Dutchess and male friend

Dutchess and male friend

BB: How would you summarize your approach to the Power Exchange lifestyle?

DVS: I do sessions that interest me. Males are here to serve. I don’t follow the male’s fantasy but try to embellish it, take it a bit further.
BB: Any disciplinary problems?
DVS: My first live-in needed beatings regularly. He could take more pain than any other I’ve had. It turned him into a stumbling idiot dog.
BB: How did your stable expand to its present size?
DVS: I needed more services so I added a domestic male and later a handyman. I took on a cross-dresser – very mellow, completely different, made a nice addition to the stable. Finally a younger male to do all the grunt and ground work. He’s cute so now he’s a cross-dresser too.
Dutchess and another male friend

Dutchess and another male friend

(From this point on the Dutchess dismissed all my remaining questions as too mundane. She announced the interview was over and ended it with one last remark.)

DVS: I still “own” all my live-in’s, since once you know me or have had sessions with me it seems I can’t ever lose them. They follow me like a loyal army! 
BB: Special thanks to the one and only Dutchess Von Stern, an iconoclastic  lady who lives on her own terms! 
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  1. I need to get with this lady and take lessons on how to handle men!

  2. u go girl! Hail the Dutchess!

  3. Oocah

    Very dominant lady!

  4. fantastic submit, same informative. I’m wondering why the opposite specialists of this sector do not recognize this. You should proceed your writing. I’m assured, you’ve a huge readers’ base already!

  5. Hmm I hope all her activities are safe and sane.

  6. joe redford

    I love dutchess. One session, 3 years ago and I want to be hers to do whatever she will

  7. joe redford

    Advise to men who desire to be slaves . Do not marry a good girl and expect her to be your owner , find a pro dom ,they are worth everything you have to do for them, I’ve had girlfriends who were horrible at it .Only a pro could be a full time 24/7 dom.

  8. Now that’s a lady I would do anything for!

  9. Now this is a woman who knows how to treat men!

  10. Enormously educational many thanks, I do believe your visitors will probably want further blog posts such as this maintain the excellent effort.


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  13. Chuck Wendig

    This woman is my dream woman.

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