Dateline State College, PA, where football games are more important than stopping repeated child rapes. Penn State aka Pedophile State University is showing they EMBRACE that name by insisting on keeping the Joe Paterno statue on campus. Why not go all the way, people? Add a statue of Jerry Sandusky raping a little boy up the ass IN FRONT of the Joe Paterno statue. I guarantee that the JoePed statue will do as little to intervene as the Freeh report states the real-life JoePa did.

Well that’s not entirely true. The statue would not be capable of engaging in a fourteen year coverup of the child rapes. Make that AT LEAST fourteen years because now there is word being bandied around that this child rape scandal at Penn State may go back to the 1970’s.

So even though I sarcastically referred to the Penn State football stadium as The House That Child Rapes Built in a previous post that may turn out to be the actual truth if this scandal really does go back to the years when Joe “Child Rape Scandal” Paterno’s football teams were on their way up.  

Meanwhile that statue is a big middle finger to the victims and their families and a monstrous symbol of the reasons why so many children who are victims of rape fear to come forward: they see their assailants AND their assailant’s enablers being elevated and lionized. Think of the victims who testified to screaming as children, screaming while their rapist violated them from behind and nobody helped them. Quite the opposite. Joe Paterno, the Family Values Republican and “pillar of the community”  NEVER called the police or child services about Sandusky and according to the Freeh Report actively sought to cover up the sordid story … no matter how many more future victims that left at Sandusky’s mercy.

Over the years when Paterno saw Sandusky at Beaver Stadium with his victims what was he thinking? Was it “Geez, I wonder if Jerry will rape that poor little boy, too? Sucks to be that kid. Lucky for me I’m Joe Paterno and he’s just a little boy from an underprivileged family. Who knows what great things that poor kid might have done in life to get his OWN statue some day if not for the horrible detour his life is taking here at The House That Child Rapes Built.”



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  1. Something needs to be done to bring these people down and stop this kind of abuse. It’s everywhere, anymore, and so is the cover-up. The only reason the Catholic Church gets slammed on this repeatedly and publicly is that a lot of people love nothing more than to faith-bash. In reality, a lot of grand-high-mucky-mucks need to be publicly slammed. The pedophiles of the Church should be excommunicated, the teachers in public schools who do this to their students (including FEMALE teachers molesting male students–yes, even the “hot” ones), the coaches, the doctors, the parents, the mentors, the uncles, the aunts, the tutors–ANYONE who is guilty needs to be called out and pilloried.

    Maybe then, there will be enough fear in the hearts of the pedophiles of the world, to think twice before doing this to a child.

    • I agree with all that, C.M. Especially the part about people beating up on Catholics about this issue just because Christians are our society’s designated safe targets.

      I can’t believe anyone especially at ESPN is still dumb enough to pretend that winning a few football games is worth accomplishing over the bodies of raped little boys.

      • Thanks. Safe target indeed. You’d never dare to make fun of any other religious, ethnic, or ideological group that way. The paperwork for all the lawsuits would crush your bones to dust. I fear scape-goating around the corner, but this may be paranoid of me.

        I don’t follow sports at all, so I don’t know about ESPN, but this sounds like the sort of thing going on everywhere right now. The big points are being intentionally glossed over on a massive scale. The most I know about ESPN I’ve learned through the Onion’s satire of it. Sad, but true.

      • You said it! Back in 2010 when I started this blog some articles or score updates would naturally have the name “Christian” as part of their institution’s name. like Arizona Christian University, etc. I started to get (and continue to get) incredibly ugly emails from Christian-hating assholes who assumed I was a Christian because I (gasp) mentioned universities with the word Christian in them without offering snarky commentary.

        It’s weird. It’s like the more violent and uncompromising Islam becomes the more people bash Christians.

  2. Woman

    I don’t know if it is making the news anywhere really, but here in China where Mighty Mao is remembered like a god to many (even if they think he was a jackass idiot) in many places around China, his statues are being pulled down in protest.

    Thought you might find that interesting!!!! Although the news papers are saying that they are construction problems.

    Now, isn’t in America where if you know a crime is being committed and you do nothing about it, you are just as guilty? So if this is the case, is not this Pedo State (the WHOLE state) basically telling people that raping young people is an ok thing and that they support you?

    In comics, is this not where the masked hero comes out and solve the problem? And why does it seem like America these days belongs in a comic book?

    • Good to hear of those construction problems 😉

      And yes, I hope that on American soil we can hope for more construction problems of our own. It seems like all the outcry against the evils in this country stopped when Bush left, even if the problems didn’t leave with Bush.

      I think the statue should be taken as a challenge to local street artists, to see what statement they can make with the existing material. If I lived closer, I might do the same.

      Have you heard of the Freeway Blogger? I it’s time for large-scale nonviolent resistance during this election year.

      • Woman

        I disagree.

        Now, please forgive me, I am not American, nor am I up-to-date with many of the events taking place in America these days. So I might jsut be talking out of my ass here.

        I think it is not time for a large scale non-violent resistance in any country in any time period. I think it is time that people of the world stand up and take back what is rightfully theirs. This is not a resistance, this is just standing up for themselves.

        And what is rightfully theirs is the governance of their countries.

        What I find strange to see, is people in all Western countries get tickled pink that the people of China are standing up and living. Developing independence within their collective society. Still loving their country but being able to express the problems within the country. Yes, sure, many are still afriad to speak too loud out of fear of consequences, but these kinds of changes that are happening, will take a pretty long time before the country side and more rural areas get them.

        And yet it seems, that China and America are more alike than anyone really knows or cares to think about. People are taught to bite their tongues if they have something negative to say about their home country. And people who do say something that goes against the current in-office opinion… they get frowned at and people decide they are not good people. Have anyone say, “America is not the greatest country in the world” to an American, or “China is not the greatest country in the world” to a Chinese… well you get the idea. America and China are very similar… too similar.

        I wonder at times if the friction between these two countries is really just a pissing contest to see who’s got the larger cock as that is just what it seems like to an outsider.

    • Ha! If America belongs in a comic book it’s one of those dystopian ones! We’re becoming like a war-torn country divided by Liberal fanatics and Conservative fanatics. Think Spain during its Civil War in the 1930’s.

      That is GREAT news about the Mao statues! Now THERE’S a “cultural revolution” that dictatorial bastard didn’t see coming!

      I always love exploding the myths of people like Paterno and especially people in politics. If not for the human foible of trying to embellish leaders it wouldn’t be necessary to drag them down so violently later on!

      If you want a post where a similar conversation has gone on check out the comments to my review of the ancient Greek comedy Demoi –

  3. @Woman I favor any kind of nonviolent approach to solving the problem: speaking up, demanding change, etc. But, I recognize the limitations of that kind of movement. So far both right and left movements (of the nonviolent kind) here have been co-opted by the corporate-class and spun to the point of irrelevance.

    Talking is the first thing.

    The word I’d like to hear used more often is “bullshit” as in “This is bullshit.” Mainly, I’d like to hand out rotten vegetables to throw at candidates during political rallies. Or shoes. Someone needs to throw a shoe at Obama like they did at Bush.

    Did you know those “hand painted signs” you see behind those gleaming bobble-heads are carefully controlled messages handed out before the rally? You’re forbidden to have your own signs. How’s that for freedom of speech?

    All countries, on some level, are like China and America thanks to the human psyche and perils of group think.

    I’m not sure how, but the people need the power. You’re right. The only trouble is how to get the people the power without a bloodbath and without accidentally installing a tyrant worse than the corporations that hold is in a modern version of serfdom now??

    • Woman

      “All countries, on some level, are like China and America thanks to the human psyche and perils of group think.’ Agreed. Just most don’t like to admit it. Talking is indeed the first step, but most do not know how to talk to someone rather than talking at someone.

      I say get to exploring the galaxy and create StarFleet. It seems in Gene Rodenbury’s universe it works out pretty well. Except in DS9. Probably why I liked DS9 so much.

      There is no real way to change the system up because human greed is always present. As is human pride. Thank god my ego lives in my boobies.

      LOL!!! Seriously? All those hand painted signs are not even home made? WOW!!! No one has freedom of speech, because we live in a touch feely world. Where “you hurt my feelings” has more of an impact on society than “that old bastard raped my son”.

      Interesting conversation!!!

      Balladeer darling is probably just scratching his head wondering where this all came from!!!!

    • Hear hear, CM! We need freed from the shackles of the Democratic and Republican parties and the wealthy Liberal and Conservative fanatics who empower them. Those two organizations of white collar criminals are not mentioned anywhere in the Constitution but you can’t realistically run for Dogcatcher in this country without having to deal with the corrupt machine of one party or the other.

      If you want conversations similar to your remark about bloated rich pigs forever co-opting and negating legitimate grass-roots outrage at abuses of the wealthy, see the comments to my review of the ancient Greek satire Wealth Gods here –

      • Thanks and thanks for the heads up!

        I’m a fan of Gerald Celente, if for no other reason than he points out the obvious and rants like the New York uncle I never had. The “White Shoe Boys”–as he calls them.

        We should be paying attention to the Greeks (and not just the ones getting screwed by the EU right now). I will be around to make a comment on that post tomorrow.

      • I’m not familiar with Gerald Celente but I’ll look him up now. I hope you enjoy Plutoi, Demoi and The Knights! I think you’ll have some insightful comments to add.

  4. This story makes me so angry! Paterno was a fraud a coward and a liar!

  5. I’m glad people like you kept the pressure on that horrible Penn State or they would have never taken this statue down!

  6. Good for you for saying this!

  7. u go!! u really r the Brat Prince of Blogging! Take it 2 Paterno! What a creep!

  8. It is terrible that this creature’s death has robbed the victims and their families of final closure.

  9. The people behind this mess at Ped State r scum!

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