Life is great when it’s not your OWN children and grandchildren repeatedly getting raped

 Dateline State College, PA, the Child Rape Capital of North America. Welcome to the first day of the rest of “the Joe Paterno Legacy”. Today saw the announcement of the results of the Louis Freeh investigation into the multiple child rapes and alleged coverup of same by Joe Paterno and others at Penn State.

The findings maintained that Joe Paterno and his superiors (some of whom had played football for the coach decades ago and over whom he seems to have had inordinate influence in my opinion) showed complete disregard for the safety of the victims and potential future victims of Paterno’s assistant coach Jerry Sandusky. Sandusky was found guilty of continuing to rape several children over the course of fourteen years at least. So make that at least FOURTEEN YEARS since Joe Paterno and company were made aware of the accusations against the convicted child rapist.

Yes, the investigation held that “Family Values” Republican Joe Paterno had known since at least 1998 about the Jerry Sandusky situation. The investigation further held that Paterno and his superiors seemed more concerned with sparing Paterno and the Penn State football program public embarrassment than with alerting child welfare authorities. Meanwhile Sandusky continued to rape children, sometimes IN PENN STATE FACILITIES during that time and the strongest reaction of Paterno and company was to advise Sandusky to stop “hosting” his child “guests” on Penn State property. 

What a strong stand! A reasonable person could paraphrase that sentiment as “Kindly refrain from raping any more children at Penn State facilities. It might inconvenience Joe Paterno by embarrassing him with a police investigation and giving his bureaucratic critics at Penn State some ammunition to keep him and his football program in line.”

The investigation also showed that Paterno lied when he claimed no knowledge of the 1998 investigation into Sandusky’s activities. In addition evidence indicated that even when Curley and others among Paterno’s supposed superiors wanted to go to child welfare authorities they met with Paterno and, suddenly that plan went by the wayside.

Paterno often pompously moralized about Family Values, especially when doing political commercials for Republican candidates like George W Bush. Who better to lecture the rest of us about Family Values than a man found to be involved in a coverup of multiple child rapes? 

Paterno’s family kept claiming the investigation would clear “JoePa” (or maybe that should now be “JoePed”) just like they kept claiming there was no danger of the rude and petty little man getting fired  … the same day he DID get axed. That same night Paterno complained to the soon-to-be-rioting mob on his front lawn about the indignity of getting fired BY PHONE! Tsk, tsk! And people call the raped children the victims in all this! Poor JoePed! 

What will the deluded zombies of State College do now to pretend that Joe Paterno wasn’t involved in covering up multiple child rapes for fourteen years? I’m sure they’ll come up with something. While they’re busy doing that (and I’m sure I’ll get more threatening emails from Paterno’s savage fans and players) let’s ponder a few questions: 

Q: Should “Camping out in Paternoville”, which used to refer to the tent city where students would camp out for tickets to Penn State football games, now be used as a euphemism for people disgracefully failing to act on accusations of multiple child rapes? You know, something like “Instead of calling the police or child welfare authorities while several children were being raped over and over and over again for fourteen years they were too busy camping out in Paternoville.” 

Q: What really did happen to District Attorney Ray Gricar, who disappeared during an earlier investigation of Sandusky? (He’s been declared legally dead and his computer hard drive, containing details on his investigations at the time, was found in the same body of water that his office computer was found in after he vanished. The water damage prevented any data from being recovered.)

Q: Should the Penn State Nittany Lions now change their name to the Sodomy Lions? Or maybe the Fighting Child Rapists?

Q: Shouldn’t Paterno get stripped of all victories going back to 1998 so we no longer have to hear about this unfeeling monster leading Division One for football victories? Coaches have been stripped of wins for much less.

Q: How about changing the name of the Penn State football stadium to “The house that child rapes built”? 

And most importantly: 

Q: What can be done in the future to prevent callous and in the end pathetic figures like Joe Paterno from exerting so much influence over an institution of higher learning just because they coach a winning football team?

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  1. Is this thing still going on, it seems as long as I’ve been linked to you there has been loads of posts about it.

    • The story first broke in November, when I did my first posts about it. About a month ago Sandusky was found guilty but the investigation was still out on if there was a coverup by Joe Paterno and the others. The results of that investigation were just released today so that’s why I put this out there.

  2. I don’t think people realize the scope of this problem. I’ve heard horror stories from people who work in local school districts, and other places serving children. This kind of abuse/cover-up is going on *somewhere* in every town. I’m not sure how we stop it, but hanging these bastards out to dry in a very public way seems to be the best option–along with Safe Environment Training (like the Catholic Church has had to institute to try to deal with its pederast mess). Multiple adults should be with children at all times–to prevent leaving children in one-on-one situations with adults. Sadly, this is what it comes down to: witnesses and witnesses who fear their own culpability if something happens.

    • I couldn’t agree more! That is why I get so furious and write posts like this to counteract the ongoing stories about “the good” Paterno did. This elevation o fthe people who enable child rape is part of that mindset you mentioned where victims are afraid to come forward because they see the people who fail to help them getting glorified all the time. They fear reprisals if they speak out. Remember how the callous creatures of State College, PA harassed one of the now-teenage victims to the point where they withdrew from high school.

      • I’ve also heard of the frustrations faced by children and parents who try to bring these things to light and get justice. Too many of these “upstanding members of the community” get a free pass because they are well known. The laws need to be the same for the poor and unknown as they are for the rich and well known–or they aren’t really laws at all.

      • Isn’t that the truth!

  3. Woman

    I just do not get it. And I know it seems as if I am making this in a simple issue, but in my mind it is.

    No sex- or any sort of hankey panky thoughts with people in my care and under eighteen. And respect the no.

    In my mind this is a very clear line. Why if it is so easy for me to grasp this can others not??? It seems every time I look at western news, there is something about a teacher and their student or an older man and rape charges.

    I just don’t get it.

    • I don’t get it either. And I get sick of ESPN softening the story by calling it “molesting”. The victims themselves testified that Sandusky raped them up the ass no matter how much it hurt.

      • Woman

        Welcome to the news. Where they try to give you your opinions rather than letting you come to your own on and in your own time.

        Why do you think I enjoy your blog so much and have shared so many of your posts with my students? There is something to be said for the facts, the big picture and the way something is presented.

        I mean come on. Why would someone just cut out the Mona Lisa’s lips and put just those on display when they are nothing without the whole picture? And unfortunately, people have allowed themselves just to see what they are told to see.

        Makes me very sad.

      • Thanks for the kind words! I know exactly what you mean. Here in America Liberals and Conservatives believe ONLY news sources that pander to their preconceived notions and reject all other information as opposition propoganda.

  4. Very nice post. I don’t even think Joe Paterno’s legacy is even a question. It’s broken down, trampled on and is beyond repair. Humpty dumpty had a great fall and all the kings horses and all the kings men, couldn’t put humpty together again. That’s JoePa’s rep now in a nutshell to me. I don’t see how anyone else can see it that way to be honest. Also, you think you could check out my blog cuz I really wanna hear what you have to say

    • Sure, I’ll be glad to check it out later today or tomorrow morning! Thanks for asking!

      I agree with you about the Paterno reputation now. I like to sarcastically throw out the “legacy” reference because I got sick of how ESPN’s coverage last November made it sound almost like a bunch of children had maliciously conspired to mar the legacy of Joe Paterno. You’d have thought Paterno’s “legacy” was all that mattered.

  5. You go with this! Good to see someone going as rough on Paterno as he deserves! I can’t believe there were people in State College talking about naming the football stadium after this creep!

    • Thanks! Yeah, the zombies in State College are unbelievable. That stadium bit is why I wrote that it should be changed to The House That Child Rapes Built.

  6. Nicely written! Just the right amount of anger and sarcasm! Paterno was a fraud all those years and countless children got raped to preserve his public image!


  8. Paterno was a piece of shit and the world is better off knowing what a piece of shit he was!


    • You said it! The deluded asses of State College and Paterno’s former players like Arrington apparently feel football games are more important than stopping a serial child rapist.

  10. Paterno deserved to be raped for 14 years to see how he liked it!

  11. As it should be is right! Paterno was a phony and a child rape enabler it seems! What garbage!

  12. Wonderful to see this horrible man taken to task by somebody!

    • Thanks! Try just watching actual news stories about the event instead of sports coverage. Sportscasters can’t pry their lips off of Paterno’s corpse’s ass.

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  14. I dont no who can still try to defend that shitty paterno after the Freeh report!

  15. Kit

    Its inspirational to see someone who writes about sports blast the sex scandal at Penn State without pulling punches. Joe Paterno was a hypocrite!

  16. Ament 2 this. Paterno he should have known better

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