Welcome back to Balladeer’s Blog, the Open City in an America that is becoming so divided by shrill, hysterical partisanship that it reminds me of pre-Civil War Spain in the 1930’s. But I’m kind of odd. At any rate, as the only place on the web that is truly non-partisan in its depiction of Liberals and Conservatives, my blog will now present another brief look at those two breeds.

This post will be a bit lighter than my previous ones on this topic. This time I’ll address the way Liberals and Conservatives, whose squabbling destroys everything they touch, have distorted the historical memory of the ancient Greek satirist Aristophanes. We can begin with a look at the four categories Liberals and Conservatives have broken into on this subject:

1. Liberals who try to paint Aristophanes as a proto-Conservative and condemn him for it.

2. Liberals who try to paint Aristophanes as a proto-Liberal and praise him for it.

3. Conservatives who try to paint Aristophanes as a proto-Liberal and condemn him for it.

4. Conservatives who try to paint Aristophanes as a proto-Conservative and praise him for it.

Let me point out that Aristophanes’ comedies were written in the 420’s BCE to 380’s BCE. It is beyond pointless to try to depict him as falling into one of our own political schools of thought. His world was as alien to ours as ours will seem to people 2,400 years from now. I love examining universal political themes in the man’s comedies but I think it’s impossible to pigeonhole him as either a Liberal or a Conservative.

My favorite translations of his surviving comedies are found in the 1911 edition because the translators for obvious reasons couldn’t try to force either Cold War or Culture War baggage into the plays. They can be read with an enjoyment for how the ancient Athenians faced many of the same political quandaries that we do as the figurative inheritors of the Greek model of democracy. And not just us, but all of the other emerging democracies that followed the United States. 

The bizarre bureaucrats in what passes as the American educational system today seem to think that  history is a simple-minded story of “good guys vs bad guys” and that a Liberal or Conservative label MUST be attached to everyone so that the political feuds and biases of the instructors can be accomodated. 





  1. Well said. Liberals and conservatives have their own insane cold war going don’t they?

  2. ur remark about how college professors try to force everyone in history to fit the liberal or cosnervative definition is accurate. Liberal college professors are unbearably prejudiced.

  3. Well said. Aristophanes can’t compare to people 2,000 years after he died!

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  7. Liberals and conservatives can’t appreciate ancient works of art.

  8. I’m sick of the way liberals and conservatives duel over which historical figures belong to which group too.

  9. I really like this post. Best read inside a very long time. Hopefully you will keep write such as this!

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