Paterno expending more energy than he allegedly expended on the child rape situation at Penn State

 With each passing day more and more revelations come out about the Jerry Sandusky/ Joe Paterno scandal at Penn State. The culture of silence allegedly overseen by Paterno might put you in mind of a petty and selfish little man exerting far more influence than he should have been permitted to wield. The picture emerging is of a football coach often at war with administrators at Penn State who tried to keep him and his football program in line. As I’ve written many times already that part is nothing new, but the allegations of multiple child rape are making many people sit up and take notice of the festering dung pile that IS NCAA Division 1 football.

Until now the Miami Hurricanes have represented everything slimy and corrupt about Division 1 football, but Joe Paterno’s Nittany Lions fiefdom is rapidly surpassing them in the realm of sludge and savage treatment of others.

Some of the latest allegations involve the alleged pedophile enabler’s players forcing their way into a residence and physically assaulting several Penn State students as well as another player charged with sexual assault on a woman followed by Paterno’s insistence that the player be permitted to play in the Nittany Lions’ bowl game. An insistence made despite the fact that the player had already been dismissed from the school.

And with each passing day the anger of Sodomy Lions fans increases … at everyone except Joe Paterno. Mike McQueary, a former Paterno assistant who allegedly tried to do the right thing regarding Jerry Sandusky’s alleged rapes of little boys in Penn State facilities, is receiving death threats. I imagine the torch- and pitchfork- bearing mob in State College, PA will next threaten the janitor who also allegedy witnessed a Sandusky assault on a child. 

Let me remind Paterno’s deluded defenders that if it had been left for Joe “Alleged Pedophile Enabler” Paterno to act, the Sandusky situation still wouldn’t be public. A local high school reported Sandusky’s latest alleged assault because they weren’t concerned with sparing Paterno’s football program embarrassment. They also didn’t waste time worrying about Joe Paterno’s “legacy”. They called in the authorities, as Paterno should have done several years ago when he was allegedly first informed of Sandusky’s alleged ongoing activities.  

I will point out again that I think Paterno should be stripped of all victories from the point at which he failed to act on the alleged Sandusky situation. The overall Division 1 wins record would then revert to Eddie Robinson of Grambling. 

Meanwhile, Joe Paterno’s deluded defenders, who feel that football games are more important than child rape, will no doubt continue to support him. Here’s an idea for one of those signs they love to hold up for ESPN’s cameras: JOE PATERNO: IT’S NOT LIKE HE ALLEGEDLY RAPED THOSE CHILDREN HIMSELF or maybe JOE PATERNO RIGHT OR WRONG.    




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  2. Fantastic, dude, fantastic. u got the onions to treat Joepa like he deserves.

  3. u said this great! I luv how u drip with sarcasm about Paterno and the creeps who defend him.

  4. The savage due line says it perfectly!

  5. Irma

    This was a very sad story.

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