“Yeah, victims, whatever. Can you BELIEVE the trustees fired me by PHONE?!”

 Alleged pedophile enabler and alleged human being Joe Paterno proved he still doesn’t understand that lives beyond his own have been affected by his alleged inaction since 2002 regarding the child rapes allegedly committed by his former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky, some of them reportedly in Penn State facilities. Penn State University finally did the right thing last night by firing the seemingly callous and unfeeling Paterno who had spitefully vowed to continue “coaching” (or whatever it is he’s been doing when he’s been wandering the sidelines with no headset and no clipboard for years) the football team he and others have disgraced. The alleged pedophile enabler proved early in the day yesterday that the enormity of the situation was still beyond his sollipsistic worldview when he grandly announced he would retire after coaching the remaining games in the season then went further by condescendingly instructing the trustees of Penn State to stop spending time on his situation. 

Speaking for myself, the word “delusional” comes to  mind, but then, so do words like “subhuman” and “monster”.  After Paterno was fired last night he unbelievably  addressed the “Hooray for Child Rape” rally or whatever it is on his front lawn, indignant at the fact that he got the news of his firing BY PHONE! It makes you wonder if he followed it up with the words “And people say those damn children are the victims”. Probably not. But it woudn’t surprise me if one of the students engaged in that “Occupy The Vacant Space Between Joe Paterno’s Ears” mob chanting support for him did.  

Yes, it’s all about you, JoePa, and about your delicate ego. One phone call to the cops years ago to stop a series of CHILD RAPES was apparently too much trouble for a Family Values Republican like Paterno. And the demented students who rioted and overturned a few vehicles in the wake of the news of the firing of the alleged pedophile enabler are actually helping to bind Paterno’s name ever more tightly to the Sandusky scandal. If they keep up this behavior they might even get things to the point where “Camping out in Paternoville” becomes a euphemism for anally raping a child, or at least for thinking that football games are more important than calling the cops about such behavior. Someone with an ounce of compassion for others would have simply resigned effective immediately, left quietly and waited for the inevitable tributes for his career at some point down the road. Spiting his personal enemies at Penn State obviously meant more to Paterno, however. He had to taunt the public consciousness and further tarnish the name of Penn State Football by insisting he would stay through the end of the season (and a Bowl appearance that might not have been played until January).

 Penn State did the right thing by firing the petty and selfish Paterno by phone. The animals outside his home who think football games are more important than child rape might have inflicted even worse violence if anyone had gone to Paterno’s house in person to fire him.  In honor of those students maybe the football team should be called the Sodomy Lions instead of the Nittany Lions, just to drive home the message about what those callous, chanting fools are ignoring.   




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  2. How callous can one person be. Loved everything you said on this. I hope the victims and their families are coping with this okay. I can’t believe people rioted in support of this guy.

    • Thanks. Communities with Division 1 football and basketball programs are almost like organized crime outfits. It’s all about denial and about intimidating anyone who doesn’t drink the Kool Aid.

  3. Unbelievable. I cant believe this creep complained about getting fired by phone. Like u said they’d have probably harmed anyone who went there to do it in person!

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