Joe Paterno continues to pompously think he should get to go out on his own terms. His announcement that he will retire at the end of the season is appalling considering the fact that Penn State officials who have allegedly been neglecting the child rape situation for MUCH LESS TIME THAN PATERNO is alleged to have been neglecting it are out the door. If “Coach” Paterno wanted a baseball style tour of the parks he could have had it years ago by retiring then. For anyone to waste a nanosecond of their time worrying about whether “Mr Inaction” deserves to go out on his own terms is unbelievable, even for the sports publicists who work for ESPN. (They’re not reporters. They’re publicists. Yahoosports and Sports Illustrated have reporters, not ESPN in my opinion)

If Joe “Alleged Pedophile Enabler” Paterno was simply gone from the school as of today, voluntarily or not, I wouldn’t even be doing another Paterno post. But if Joe insists on lingering, I think he deserves to be treated at least as roughly as he would have treated a player who kept missing their blocking assignments. And the Joe Paterno we’ve seen from these allegations certainly would have done more to correct the mechanics of an errant player than he did to intervene in alleged child rape incidents.

WHY DIDN’T YOU CALL THE POLICE, PATERNO? That is the only question that needs asked at this point. If Paterno is the least bit sincere that this Jerry Sandusky situation is “one of the great sorrows of his life” and in hindsight he “wishes he had done more”, well, he had plenty of years to do more. Pretty odd that it wasn’t until all this became public that “Coach” Paterno suddenly regrets not doing more. As far as we know at present he had since 2002 to do more. Considering that Sandusky still had access to Penn State facilities as of just a few days ago it seems it would be hard to forget “one of the great sorrows” of your life if you’re seeing the man who embodies it around your workplace on a regular basis. Again, though, there may have been a wide receiver who wasn’t running his routes properly. A situation like that is apparently higher up on Paterno’s “to do” list than calling the cops about alleged multiple child rapes.  

Joe “Alleged Pedophile Enabler” Paterno is still elevating himself above the victims and their families by insisting on staying through the end of the season. Does this man have an ounce of conscience? Him figuratively flipping the bird to whatever personal enemies he may have at Penn State by finishing out the season obviously is more important to him than the ruined lives of the alleged victims “or whatever they wanna say” as Joe callously referred to them last night. Paterno has stopped being a Grandpa Simpson/ Elmer Fudd/ Hans Moleman joke and become a seemingly uncaring monster. Years from now when the butt- kissing sports publicists at ESPN are swooning over their memories of JoePa take a few minutes to think of the lives that were detoured in a very horrible way and of the children who may have been prevented from fulfilling their potential by this nightmarish violation. And ponder how well JoePa’s own sons would have done in life if they had been raped in the shower by one adult while others refrained from calling the cops.

P.S. A very dear friend has wondered if the RICO statutes might be relevant in the “ongoing enterprise” at Penn State. Food for thought. One also wonders if “Coach” Paterno is liable in any lawsuits that could result from all this.




  1. Zar

    Oh come on…its juts boy rape… now had he raped a girl it’d be wrong…………or if he were a Catholic Priest… but its not that bad, just part of growing up!

    I’m sure the good coach just didn’t cover up that much wrong.

    • I’ll let everybody know you’re being sarcastic, Zar. I know from experience a lot of people don’t get sharp sarcasm, that’s why I often add “I’m kidding” to so many things I type.

  2. What an ego. And what an unfeeling creep Paterno is.

  3. Wow – this is amazing – and so terrible – why are not more people screaming for this guys blood?

    • Many in the real world are, but the butt- kissers in the world of sports reporting are such little toadies they keep going easy on the pompous, blustering Paterno. Sorry, I’ve been too busy with this stuf lately to be very sociable. I hope you’re doing okay.

  4. At least this callous monster went down in disgrace. His name will deservedly be linked to this outrageous activity that he could have stopped by calling the police at least in 2002 if not earlier.

  5. This is such a disgusting story. I hope paterno and the others get the full punishment they deserve.

  6. This piece of shit Paterno was a coward and a liar!

  7. This is a very sickening story and I can’t believe so many people in pennsylvania are still sticking up for Paterno.

  8. You put it perfectly – Paterno would have done more to get a mistake-prne player to adjust his game than he did about this child rape situation!

  9. I’d love to see how Paterno would feel if someone covered up his own sons getting raped over and over again!

  10. Perfectt point about these poor young boys getting robbed of the chance to fulfill their potential because of the animalistic thing that kept happening to them at Penn State.

  11. Wonderful to see a man speak out on this and not be dumbfounded by the guy winning football games.

  12. Tell it and tell it again! This bad man covered all this up the Freeh report says!

  13. Paterno deserves to be remembered forever as a man who covered up for a child rapist for 14 years and allowed countless other little boys to be raped because of it!

  14. Tom

    Paterno has disgraced the entire game of football forever!

  15. Excellent way of looking at this! Paterno must have been a phony and heartless to see Jerry with children and not worry about them.

  16. Gus

    JoePa did nothing wrong! Fuck all of you!

    • Every single day that Paterno didn’t call the police about this situation he was doing something incredibly wrong. Grow up and stop kissing JoePed’s cold, dead butt.

  17. JoePa is a saint and all you sick fucks will see that in the end!

    • Paterno was a pretty sick fuck for not calling the cops. You’ll note he banned Sandusky from Paterno family barbecues at one point. I guess he didn’t want his OWN grandchildren to be subjected to the same thing he was letting other children get subjected to.

  18. How sick are Ped State football fans to keep defending what those monsters Sandusky and Paaterno.

  19. Interesting the way you take Paterno apart but you cover college football.

  20. I’d like to know what happened to that District Attorney who vanished while investigating Sandusky.

  21. This monster let all that go on for fourteen years? What a creep!

  22. Paterno seemed like a complete creep and so callous about child rape.

  23. Did this man have anything like a conscience! What scum!

  24. JoePa didn’t do the raping.

  25. Paterno won more games in his sleep than u could awake.

  26. Good for you for pointing all this out! Paterno’s Child rape fans are sick.

  27. Bad, ugly story but how is it Paterno’s fault?

  28. People who would cover up something like this are beneath contempt.

  29. I just hope Paterno understood b4 he died that all this was coming out.

  30. Jay

    So what would you have done, prick?

  31. Paterno didn’t personally rape those children.

  32. I’m from Canada and I can’t believe how sick this whole story is. Paterno and his friend rot.

  33. u rock! u really r the Brat Prince of blogging like everybody says!!!!

  34. amy

    paterno is hopefully burning now 4 letting those children suffer.

  35. Pam

    Paterno and Sandusky were shit.

  36. This little toad of a man and his friend are disgusting!

  37. Every one at Penn State who failed to act on this should be jailed.

  38. Paterno flushed away everything else he did with his conduct on this child rape scandal.

  39. I guess PSU thought football games were more important than stopping a series of child rapes.

  40. u really r the world’s favorite loose cannon of the culture wars! Very daring to go after Penn State like this!

  41. Pam

    Paterno was a callous and heartless bastard.

  42. Paterno – what a POS

  43. You da man! You really are America’s favorite loose cannon of the culture wars!

  44. Paterno was a god compared 2 u shitz!

  45. Covering up something like this is unforgiveable!

  46. You do know Paterno didn’t rape anybody don’t you?

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