Joe’s response to the victims and their families? Nope. This is an old photo.

 Never let it be said that when it comes to allegations of child rape that Joe Paterno doesn’t allegedly do the absolute bare minimum he’s legally required to do. Today we see that Penn State is still putting Joe Paterno above the alleged child rape victims. Exactly why Paterno wasn’t simply escorted off campus for good while the investigation continues is pretty puzzling, especially since he wears no headset, carries no clipboard and generally does nothing on game day except wander the sidelines looking like a clueless lawn gnome in eyeglasses. Well, except for those times when he sits up in the booth looking like a clueless lawn gnome in eyeglasses.

Many of my readers are from overseas and they are often amazed at the things universities overlook when it comes to winning games. Let me take this opportunity to remind them that it isn’t all college sports that are like this – just NCAA Division One football and basketball. NAIA college sports and the NCAA’s lower divisions aren’t like this at all. 

Anyway, with many talking heads in the sports world still talking gently about JoePa, let’s hope this doesn’t turn into a situation where they try to make Mike McQueary, the grad assistant who alerted JoePa about at least one of the incidents, the scapegoat. A few minutes ago on ESPN (Motto: We’re like People Magazine for athletes! ) the execrable Matt Millen was expressing more anger at McQueary than at Paterno for not calling the cops and/ or child services. He also claimed Paterno is “doing what he should be doing – concentrating on this Saturday’s game with Nebraska.” It seems Millen is as inept at weighing moral imperatives as he was at running the Detroit Lions years ago. Actually, Matt, JoePa should be sitting somewhere contemplating the potentially ruined lives that could have been saved if he had done more than just let his superior know what he had been told about Sandusky. Did it slip Joe’s mind to follow up on that incident? Call the cops, maybe? 

Paterno had plenty of opportunities to leave gracefully over the past several years, years in which Sandusky was alleged to have continued abusing children, often in Penn State facilities. Any and all sympathy for Paterno is misplaced and should be directed toward the alleged victims and their families. So, let’s play a little game of “What Would JoePa Do?” based on his handling of this touchy situation making all the headlines.

1. You’re eating in a restaurant and see the diner at the next table produce a revolver and shoot the child dining with them. What would JoePa do?  a) immediately call the cops   b) discretely let the waiter know he should make a cleanup at the next table  c) mumble “if that kid couldn’t dodge the bullet, he’d never make it on my football team”

2. You’re walking down the street and see a huge, hulking man kicking a prone homeless child. What would JoePa do?    a) immediately call the cops   b) do nothing and assure yourself that the kid probably had it coming    c) ask the kicking man if he’d like to try out for a spot as your new punter    

3. You’re minding your own business and you hear someone shouting out to you “I’m being raped! Why won’t you help me?” What would JoePa do?  a) immediately call the cops   b) indignantly say “I don’t appreciate a question like that” the way you’ve been doing at press conferences for years  c) pretend you don’t hear them while continuing to write notes for your next public speaking appearance on morality and winning the right way

4. A grad assistant allegedly informs you that one of your assistant coaches and a man you’ve known for decades was seen molesting or raping a child. What would JoePa do?  Oh, wait, we already seem to know what he would do in this case!

Try some of your own if you like! Anyway, I’ll leave you with the reminder that Paterno once regally announced that he “would not leave college football to the Jackie Sherrills and Barry Switzers”. Nope. He allegedly left it to the child molestors instead.



10 responses to “WWJD?: WHAT WOULD JOEPA DO?

  1. I know nothing of the person or what your taking about, but if he is a child molestor and his friend is covering up the police should arrest them both and Penn State should have sacked them.

    But what of the children involved what has their parents done, have they went to the police etc; something does not seem to be right here, is there a big cover up.

    • The parents were supposedly stonewalled when they tried to pursue this. A report just came on tv about the parents of some of the victims feeling their children are being victimized all over again by the public statements of support for Paterno and the others at Penn State, or Pedophile State as I called them in the post before this one. That post has a few more facts if I’m still not making myself clear.

      I have no idea what sports reporters are like over there but here in the USA they repulsively kiss the asses of major athletic figures no matter what they do off the field. Paterno has been treated with kid gloves, that’s why he is the main figure I mention in my posts. I hope the family members who are sick of the people sticking up for Penn State find my posts so they can see not everyone is going light.

      And at Penn State, a Vice President and the Athletic Director are already out the door and the rumor is Paterno will be fired in the next few days (his family denies this, however) More firings and law suits are expected, too.

      And as my post may make clear, Paterno has been one of those people who lecture the rest of the world about morality and family, that’s why I hit the hypocrisy angle so much on this.

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  3. Gutsy posts on Paterno! u got ballz dude!

  4. You have the right mix of black humor and outrage about this story. I love how you don’t try to defend these people for not calling the authorities.

  5. We hear about this story even over here. Very funny and very passionate article on the scandal. Well done.

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