Recently Terry Williams of the New Hampshire Technical Institute Lynx earned his second  USCAA Men’s Basketball Player Of The Week honor. The Lynx are the only basketball team from New Hampshire to win a National Championship. They won it all in March of 2005 at the Goldie Crocker Center. (On a related note I once lost a one-on-one game to Betty Crocker at Gold’s Gym) Both on and off the court Terry Williams represents the best that can be imagined of the term “student athlete.” The Lynx are currently 10-3 and Williams is one of the reasons why. The time seemed right to let readers of Balladeer’s Blog get to know a little more about this impressive young man.

 Terry Williams

Position: Guard

Official Balladeer’s Blog Nickname: The Chief Justice (Because he rules the court)

What should opponents fear the most from you?  “My aggressive approach to the game and my will to win.”

Why would you say you are having the kind of season you’re having so far?  “I feel that I’m more hungry this year because I got cut my first year of college at a different school so I just go out there and try to give my all every game.”

What individual accomplishment from your basketball career are you proudest of?  “Honestly I haven’t accomplished what I wanted yet which is to win a championship so as of now my proudest accomplishment is being able to play college basketball.”   

Who is your favorite basketball player and why?  LeBron James because he is a very versatile player and helps his team win in any way he can whether it’s scoring or being a floor general.”

If they made a movie about this season in Lynx basketball what would the title be?  “Expect the unexpected.”

What is the most laughably bad movie you’ve ever seen?   “I would have to say Napoleon Dynamite.” 

Well, that wraps it up! Good luck to the Lynx as they host the four games of the NHTI Holiday Festival this Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully Head Coach Paul Hogan will put another shrimp on the barbie for all of us and you can insert your own Crocodile Dundee joke here. (Or for bonus points a reference to the movie ANZACS) Thank you to Terry and his teammates and to all the terrific people at NHTI!

Recommended Lynx (Clever play on words, eh?) :


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  1. Gunnar H

    I rilly like ur site! I never heard of these teams but my friends and I want to play for some of them.

  2. Tara

    Luv this! This guy is cute. r all the bball players at NHTI this cute?

  3. Nviniuwe

    I love the way you feature schools that don’t usually get the attention they should! Its great that you feature athletes like this too. I wouldn’t mind if my daughter went to this school some day.

  4. Shermie

    I like all these new teams u cover. I wouldn’t mind playing for the Lynx.

  5. Deanna

    This guy is cute! Are all the basketball players on this team that cute?

  6. Agweana

    The Lynx are the greatest named team on ur site! I voted for them in ur Top 20 contest

  7. Vinny the B

    You’re making me a fan of all these schools you cover that nobody’s ever heard of. These athletes deserve recognition so I hope you keep doing it.

  8. Kendra

    Rilly like that name and picture. Never heard of this school til now.

  9. Joey

    Sign me up for playing Lynx basketball!

  10. Daughter of Xena

    Go Lynx! I’m now a fan of this team! I want to go there now!

  11. Kyle

    I love that nickname the chief justice!

  12. I love these teams you find and your comments always make me laugh! I love your bad movie and mythology pages too. Hurry up with your pulp heroes and silent movie pages!

  13. u r 2 funny! luv all ur stuff!

  14. The Lynx are my new favorite team! I can’t get enough of your blog especially your bad movie and myth pages!

  15. Too many teams called Wildcats. Love the Lynx, love this pic for their teams.

  16. Your place is the best for keeping up on all these teams! Other sports sites are so boring but never this one!

  17. I would LUV to have a nickname like The Chief Justice! U rock!

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