Cumberland University’s volleyball team goes by the nickname Volleydawgs instead of Bulldogs. The Volleydawgs went 24-13 overall and 8-6 in TranSouth Conference play. CU’s Angelyn Stanton was recently named First Team All Conference following a stellar season in which she had 91 kills and 62 blocks in 79 sets. Stanton comes from an athletic family; her father, the late Patrick Stanton, played baseball for the Middle Tennessee State Blue Raiders and her uncle, Steve Sandefur, played football for the West Virginia Mountaineers. The time seemed right to do a Quick Q&A segment with this senior volleyball star.

 Angelyn Stanton

Position: MH

Official Balladeer’s Blog Nickname: An-Stan

Why would you say you had the kind of season you had this year?  I knew this was my last opportunity to be a college athlete. I put everything on the line not only for my self, but my teammates. I have the rest of my life to  start  a family and have my career, but it was my last year to be able to compete in something I love as well as make memories with great friends.

What individual accomplishment are you the most proud of from your volleyball career?   In all the years of my volleyball career, I am most proud of my last. Not only because I achieved many things I thought I couldn’t, but because I knew it was my last year to give it all I had. Because of my hard work this year I earned First Team All-Conference and I am proud that I gave it my best.

If the Volleydawgs were a musical group what would you call yourselves? The Plastics!!

What’s the most attractive quality of Lebanon, TN?  I love the history behind Lebanon and also Cumberland University. The land, as well as the beautiful homes, is a sight to see when you get into the backwoods.  

What is your least favorite part of practice?  Burpees, which we are only made to do if we are not playing like we know how.

What is your favorite book?   Dear John, by Nicholas Sparks

What is the most laughably bad movie you’ve ever seen?   The Leprechaun

Well, that wraps it up! The season of An-Stan’s volleyball valedictory (I’m a sucker for alliteration!) sounds like it was almost everything she could have wished for! She’ll be missed by all who knew her, and I think next year’s first round of burpees should be dedicated to her!

For the Top Secret, Eyes Only explanation of what burpees are, click here: http://www.gocumberlandathletics.com/ 

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