Readers of Balladeer’s Blog will remember that last Saturday the Notre Dame College Falcons played their first-ever intercollegiate football game in the school’s history. This week the Falcons are once again making history, but they have co-stars for this game. The Lindsey-Wilson College Blue Raiders have brought football back after a 75-year hiatus. That’s like a bye week where your great-grandchildren are born before your team takes the field again. Or, put another way, Carole Lombard was as hot as Angelina Jolie the last time the Blue Raiders took a snap in a game that counted. The Falcons at least have one game under their belts, (albeit a loss to D2’s Mercyhurst Lakers), but the Lindsey Wilson football team is as green as the grass on a football field. Want to know how you can follow this matchup on Saturday afternoon at 2:30 pm Eastern Time? Well, you’re in luck because I recently took my private jet to the South Euclid, OH home of Notre Dame College and visited their Sports Information Director Skip Snow. After my usual witty ice-breaking joke (I asked him if, after he introduced himself, anyone had ever said “Skip snow? Heck, I’d like to skip the whole darn winter!”…He said no.) I pounded my fist on his desk like Patrick McGoohan in the opening credits of The Prisoner and demanded to know how people outside the Ohio area could follow this historic game. Snow, obviously realizing he was dealing with journalistic dynamite, informed me that NDC and LWC fans around the world could follow the game on the internet with a live audio stream at ESPNCleveland.com. I was about to make a brilliant, yet juvenile, “audio stream” joke when Skip’s beefy security guards escorted me out of his office and off the NDC campus.

For the punchline to my Audio Stream joke, click here: http://www.notredamefalcons.com/

Helmets courtesy of The Helmet Project at : http://www.nationalchamps.net/Helmet_Project/

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